Zoë Kravitz reveals what she suspected about Channing Tatum before they met

Unlike some other high-profile couples in the entertainment world, Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz have managed to keep their relationship on the low-key side. Of course, that’s pretty easy for the couple, who have made it clear they don’t care if anyone is watching out or maintaining their relationship. Back in October 2021, a source close to the ridiculously handsome couple told People, “They don’t seem bothered about hiding their relationship anymore. It’s obvious that they’re very happy.” Also, during an interview with Elle in February, Kravitz was asked about her romance with Tatum, and all she replied was a simple, “I’m happy.” Sure, that’s all, what needs to be said, right?

Well, it seems like fans are still interested in Kravitz and Tatum and their unlikely Hollywood pairing. Thankfully, Kravitz recently revealed how she suspected Tatum before they even met, and what she has to say about the actor is sure to have many fans nodding in agreement.

Zoe Kravitz always knew Channing Tatum was a feminist

As fans already know, Channing Tatum plays Slater King, a tech giant with a sinister streak, in Zoë Kravitz’s new directorial debut. So why did Kravitz choose the star for the polarizing role? Well, it all comes down to a gut feeling she had. “Before I knew him, I had a feeling from afar that he is a feminist and that he is not afraid to explore that darkness because he knows he is not like the WSJ. Magazine for the fall 2022 issue explained. “That’s why I was drawn to him and I wanted to meet him. And I was right.”

When asked what kind of person Tatum is in general, Kravitz admitted to being happy that their new film has brought them closer together. She said: “I think what I’m going to say is, when you’re doing things with people, it’s a very sacred space, and when you’re creatively compatible with someone, it often opens up other channels because you’re sort of all of yourself share .”

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It sounds to us like Kravitz nailed it with Tatum as she sees him shine both personally and professionally. Some ladies get all the luck, don’t they?