Zoë Kravitz finally opens up about backlash against her criticism of Will Smith

Zoë Kravitz is speaking out following her controversial social media posts relating to Will Smith’s infamous outburst at the 2022 Oscars. In case you need a refresher, Will gave us one of the most infamous moments in awards show history back in March when he violently punched Chris Rock as he came onstage to present an award. Rock had made a joke about Will’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, who looked like she could star in a GI Jane sequel because she was bald, although Rock reportedly didn’t realize that Jada had alopecia. Will then continued his tirade by berating Rock from his seat as he told him in no uncertain terms to stop talking about his wife.

Of course, there were many episodes and pretty much all of Hollywood had their say about the Smith slap that was seen around the world. Heck, even OJ Simpson had something to say about the incident. Another famous face to intervene was Big Little Lies and The Batman actress Zoë Kravitz, but it turns out it wasn’t long before she genuinely regretted her decision to address the controversy, after she snubbed the former “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star via Instagram.

Zoë Kravitz’s slapstick regrets

It turns out Zoë Kravitz wished she’d shut up, or more specifically, her uncaptioned photos, after throwing her two cents at Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. A day after the event, Kravitz shared a photo of herself on the red carpet, writing, per Deadline, “Here’s a picture of my dress at the show where we seem to be attacking people on stage now,” before following up with a snap of the the afterparty captioned: “And here’s a picture of my dress at the party after the awards show – where we seem to be yelling foul language and attacking people on stage.” However, she quickly deleted both of them — and now we know why.

The star revealed to The Wall Street Journal that she received some less-than-kind comments about her tongue-in-cheek posts that referenced the slap, so she deleted them. “It’s a scary time to have an opinion or say the wrong thing or make controversial art or statements or thoughts or anything,” she explained, claiming she believes the internet has turned against people who are having healthy conversations. “The internet is people who publish and don’t record,” added Kravitz — who also spoke about Channing Tatum in the interview — explaining that she now prefers to express herself through her work rather than captions on social media. “I have very complicated feelings. I wish I had handled this differently. And that’s okay,” she said.

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