Will Princess Charlotte inherit Princess Diana’s most coveted heirloom?

Many little girls dream of being a princess one day, but Princess Charlotte, daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, doesn’t have to dream – it’s actually her reality. While Charlotte may never become queen, she is allowed to hold the title of princess for the rest of her life. The title comes with certain benefits, e.g. B. that you never need a regular job and you can rub elbows with world leaders.

In addition, if you are familiar with your royal fashion, you already know that royal ladies can wear jewelry belonging to other royals when attending big events. In 2019, Meghan Markle paid tribute to Princess Diana when she dawned one of her gold bracelets to an event, and most notably Diana’s infamous aquamarine ring, which Meghan wore to her wedding reception, per Elle. Kate has also been known to reuse her late mother-in-law’s jewelry, like her South Sea pearl earrings or her massive engagement ring, per city and country.

So if Meghan has the bracelets and Kate has the earrings, where is Charlotte? What could she inherit from her grandmother?

Charlotte is eager for Diana’s tiara

Rumor has it that Princess Charlotte will get one of her late grandmother Princess Diana’s most coveted heirlooms when she gets a little older. Sources close to the royal family have revealed that as Charlotte is the eldest granddaughter, she will get all the heirlooms she wants long before Lilibet (Meghan and Harry’s daughter) gets a chance, according to GoodtoKnow.

Charlotte will likely want to go for the Spencer tiara, which is currently owned by her uncle Charles Spencer. It’s not just Charlotte who has her eye on the tiara, though: “William is close to his uncle and has been asking if Charlotte can one day be given his mother’s eponymous tiara,” a source told the outlet. “William is well aware that the Earl has daughters of his own, but the two agree that Diana’s iconic piece belongs to her first granddaughter.” The Spencer tiara is historically significant because Diana wore it on her wedding day to Prince Charles. Notably, it’s not part of the royal repertoire of jewels either, which belongs exclusively to the Spencer family, making it particularly unique to Cosmopolitan.

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Also, Charlotte is reportedly well aware that one day she will get the coveted tiara. “Lotte knows everything about her ‘Grandma Diana’ – after all, Diana is one of her middle names. She’s also seen pictures of her wearing the tiara,” a source told New Idea. “Charlotte is well aware that she is a princess and already has tiaras and plastic dresses to dress up in. It is very sweet.”

The tiara pales in comparison to what Prince George will get

While Princess Charlotte will inherit one of Princess Diana’s most iconic pieces, she won’t be the only queen to have her hands on the treasure chest. While the suave princess is set to inherit a precious piece of jewelry from her late grandmother, Prince George – second in line to the throne after his father – is in for a hefty windfall. According to GoodtoKnow, the future king is in for a stroke of luck when he turns 18. The rowdy king is set to inherit Prince Charles’ beloved Highgrove residence in Gloucestershire.

According to the Express, King Charles bought the sprawling property in 1980 for $4.4 million. He lived in the stunning residence with his ex-wife, Princess Diana, and their two young children, Prince William and Prince Harry. As it turns out, Prince George will inherit the estate because his father and uncle want nothing to do with it, as neither has “good memories of the place they saw their parents’ marriage fall apart.” Understandable.

Prince Louis could inherit an unfortunate title

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Princess Charlotte will get her grandmother’s beloved tiara, and Prince George will be given a swanky new mansion – but what about her younger sibling, Prince Louis? It turns out he hasn’t been forgotten, but after learning what he’s being bestowed, he probably wishes he were. According to Express, the mischievous monarch will inherit an “unfortunate” royal title with a tragic history. Prince William received the title of Duke of Cambridge after marrying Kate Middleton in 2011 and will eventually pass it on to one of his sons. While Prince George is first in line to inherit the tragic title, he is expected to assume the title of Prince of Wales after his father succeeds, leaving Prince Louis with the miserable moniker.

What makes this terrible denomination so desolate? The title brought great misfortune to the first four royals to hold it. Charles Stuart, the first Duke of Cambridge, died before his first birthday. The second Duke of Cambridge, his brother James Stuart, died tragically at the age of 3 from smallpox or bubonic plague. The title was then given to Edgar Stuart, an even younger brother who also died young. Eventually, the nickname belonged to Charles Stuart – who sadly died in infancy.

Fortunately, the title no longer seems to be the death sentence it was in the mid-17th century. And luckily for Louis, he doesn’t have a first name associated with bad luck like John or Richard.