Why you’ll never see Todd Chrisley’s brothers on the show

“Chrisley Knows Best” viewers know all about the Chrisley kids and their family dynamic, but one thing we don’t often see — or even hear — is Todd Chrisley’s relationship with his own siblings.

Like his children, Todd grew up with siblings: two younger brothers, Randy and Derrick Chrisley. In a heartbreaking blow to the family, Celebrity Net Worth reporters revealed that Derrick did not survive infancy, although what led to his death is not public knowledge. However, Derrick is only a year younger than Todd, and based on pictures shared on Instagram in early 2020, it appears they spent a ton of time together growing up. However, Todd hasn’t said much about growing up with Randy or the nature of their relationship today. In fact, he simply wrote a cryptic message on one of the pictures he shared of the two as children. “If only I could go back in time and know what I know now…” he wrote. Todd also limited comments on the post, hinting that he’d rather keep what he now knows private.

The real question though is what do we know about Randy Chrisley now… and is there a specific reason why he wasn’t featured or even mentioned in Chrisley Knows Best?

Randy Chrisley has been linked to a scandal more than once

With Julie and Todd Chrisley found guilty in their cheating trial, this family is no stranger to scandal. However, Randy Chrisley has had his own fair share of drama over the years … and that may have been a contributing factor to his absence from the show.

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Back in 2016, Todd revealed via Instagram that his brother’s nasty divorce had devastating consequences for the entire Chrisley family. “Pamela was involved with others in a scheme … to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from our family because my brother filed for a divorce from her,” he wrote. Todd also revealed that two arrest warrants had been issued against his former sister-in-law for harassment and racketeering. Radar later reported that in addition to demanding money, Pamela had threatened physical violence against Todd and his mother, Faye Chrisley. Interestingly, Todd and Pamela never seem to have had a relationship, as he told the outlet, “I don’t know Pamela and luckily never will have to.”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only time the younger Chrisley brother has been linked to a scandal. Before the divorce drama, Randy himself was arrested for stealing $22 worth of candy. According to Radar, Randy initially said he would “stuck candy down his pants because he didn’t have space to carry it.” However, Randy was quick to admit wrongdoing when the responding officer found his pants were “taped down his legs, preventing the candy from coming out.”

Randy Chrisley also had health issues early on in the show

Aside from his connections to the scandal, health issues may also have played a role in Randy Chrisley’s absence from the show.

Per Us Weekly, Randy was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2014. In a statement shared with the publication, a Chrisley representative revealed that the family was devastated by the diagnosis, but that they were optimistic he would make a “full and speedy recovery.” The statement demanded also urged fans and media to give them some space.”The family asks for privacy and respect during this process,” the representative appealed.Given that “Chrisley Knows Best” premiered earlier in 2014, the first few would be Seasons of the show have coincided with his recovery, so it only makes sense that he wasn’t featured.However, the family also made good on a promise in their statement: “There will be no further comment on this matter.”The family has rarely been public about it the diagnosis, Randy’s recovery… or Randy at all.

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From scandals to health issues, there are a number of possibilities as to why Randy never appeared on the show. Given that Todd Chrisley doesn’t know his brother’s ex-wife (via Radar), there’s even a chance there might be a rift between the siblings at some point. However, it could also have something to do with the fact that Randy simply prefers privacy. At the end of the day, we know the Chrisleys know best.