Why you can’t find Chris Pine on social media

There are countless actors who share the name Chris. However, there are four particularly famous men named Chris who happen to be known as the Hollywood Chrises. In case you don’t know, the group includes Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt and Chris Pine, according to the Independent.

Despite being famous enough to be among those other notable stars, Pine doesn’t really care about fame and has always seemed indifferent to it. In 2013, he explained to C for Men (via E! News), “It helps me not to really look for anything. I’m very clear about my relationship with ‘it’ and I don’t like ‘it’. I find ‘it’ very intrusive, although I try to be more welcoming of ‘it’ in order to be more zen and not fearful.”

Of course, the fact that Pine isn’t particularly interested in fame hasn’t stopped him from regularly making viral moments on social media. For example, when it appeared Harry Styles spat on Pine, fans flocked to the internet to speculate on what really happened. Admittedly, Pine may not have been aware of the online brouhaha at first, as he’s just one of many stars refusing to use social media. If you’re wondering why he won’t be joining Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok anytime soon, you might be interested to know that he has some very specific reasons for staying away from social media.

Chris Pine won’t risk his privacy to tweet about his life

Social media has been around for years, but Chris Pine always seemed completely uninterested in signing up for the latest popular online platform. When asked in January 2014 if he’d ever considered logging on to a social media site, he told The Hollywood Reporter, “No, damn it, no. What should I tweet about? my sneakers? Or, “I have 140,000 friends on Facebook.” What does that even mean? I find it a waste of time. The internet sucks; just a place for people to spit nonsense and bullshit.

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Later that same month, Pine told USA Today that there is some content on social media that he respects. Pine apparently mentioned how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson uses his official Twitter account to spread the word about the causes he supports, stating, “There are wonderful things that can be done with this medium. I’m just not interested in it.”

Pine told USA Today about another issue he has with social media, saying, “With Facebook and Twitter, everyone wants to put their innermost truths out there. In 2014 we are witnessing the true dissolution of public and private. Privacy isn’t as guaranteed, respected, valued, or coveted as it used to be.” Admittedly, Pine’s hesitation when it comes to social media hasn’t stopped him from becoming a popular internet meme.

Chris Pine became a popular social media meme

You may not be able to find Chris Pine’s social media accounts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the star on social media. Just look for mentions of him on pretty much every major platform and you’ll find fan-run Pine-related accounts, seemingly endless admiring posts, and even a popular meme featuring none other than the actor.

In fact, when the Pine and Harry Styles spat drama went under, it wasn’t the only thing that got fans buzzing. During an interview at the Venice Film Festival for her film, Don’t Worry Darling, Pine appeared to completely switch off or distance himself, while Styles chatted to the press several times during the event. The moment, captured in a video clip — as well as an undeniably internet-worthy collection of images — quickly became a meme, according to Page Six. While Pine’s now-perpetual behavior prompted a multitude of tweets, one person repeated what many others did shared, writing, “Chris Pine, distancing is right up my alley [right now.]”

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In fact, the meme became so popular that one Twitter user remarked, “The fact that ‘Chris Pine is dissolving’ is one of the prompts when you start typing his name on Twitter is really outstanding.” We have to wonder, if he would agree.