Why Sam Elliott Apologizes to Benedict Cumberbatch and His Co-Stars

Actor Sam Elliott is sorry.

Appearing at Deadlines Contenders TV event on April 10, the actor appeared ready to atone for past transgressions he committed at the expense of actor Benedict Cumberbatch, award-winning filmmaker Jane Campion and everyone else involved in the making of The Power of the Dog”, a western psychodrama. “Firstly, don’t do a podcast with the call letters WTF,” Elliott began before finally landing the apology plane. “I didn’t express myself very well. I didn’t put it very well,” the actor admitted. “And I’ve said some things that have hurt people and I feel terrible about it. The gay community has been amazing to me throughout my career. And I mean my entire career before I started in this city. Friends at all levels and all job descriptions to date. I’m sorry I hurt one of those friends and someone I loved. And everyone else by the words I used. He added: “I’ve told the ‘WTF’ podcaster that I think Jane Campion is a brilliant director and I want to apologize to the cast of ‘The Power of the Dog’, all brilliant actors. And especially Benedict Cumberbatch. I can.” Just say I’m sorry, and I’m sorry. I am sorry.”

But what exactly did Elliott say? Hold on guys, you’re in for a wild and bumpy ride.

Sam Elliott had less than pleasant things to say about The Power of the Dog

Open mouth, insert foot.

The famous western movie star Sam Elliott actually entered it while discussing his thoughts on Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog. After calling the film a “piece of s***,” Elliott went on to deliver a sizzling monologue about how he came to terms with it during an appearance on the Feb. 28 episode of “WTF with Marc Maron.” . “That’s what all those damn cowboys looked like in that movie,” Elliott said, comparing them to Chippendales dancers. “They’re all walking around in chaps and shirtless. There’s all these references to homosexuality throughout the damn movie,” he continued in the profanity-filled tirade.

But that’s not all. While Elliott insisted he was a big fan of Campion’s “previous work,” he also made it clear that this particular project got under his skin. “What the hell does that woman down there, New Zealand, know about the American West? And why the hell is she shooting this movie in New Zealand and calling it Montana and saying, ‘This is how it was?’” he asked aloud. whoops

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Sam Elliott’s comments drew a lot of backlash

As you can imagine, backlash quickly erupted after Sam Elliott’s comments.

“I think it’s really unfortunate and sad for him because he really hit the trifecta of misogyny, xenophobia and homophobia,” filmmaker Jane Campion told Deadline on March 12. “I do not like it. I think he was a bit of a b-*-*-*-*. Besides, he’s not a cowboy, he’s an actor.” Meanwhile, Netflix has apparently shadowed Elliott Twitter featuring a still of actress Kirsten Dunst telling her son on screen, “He’s just a man. Just another man.”

Movie star Benedict Cumberbatch also had a few words for Elliott. “I’m trying very hard not to say anything about a very strange reaction that happened on a radio podcast over here the other day,” Cumberbatch said during the BAFTA Film Sessions event, per People. “Without intending to stir the ashes off it… someone really took offense – I didn’t hear it so it’s unfair to comment in detail – that the West is portrayed in this way,” he added cautiously . “Aside from that reaction, that kind of denial that everyone could have an existence other than a heteronormative one because of what they do for a living or where they were born, there is also a massive intolerance around the world towards homosexuality and the acceptance of the other and any kind of difference… it’s not a history lesson.”