Why Prince Philip is brought next to the Queen before her funeral

The world was saddened by the news that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland died at her home in Balmoral, Scotland on September 8th. According to NPR, the 96-year-old was Britain’s longest-reigning monarch at 70. She was also second in the world behind King Louis XIV, who ruled France for 72 years.

The tragic death of Queen Elizabeth II marked the end of an era. “A long life can inevitably pass many milestones; my own is no exception,” said the Queen after beating Queen Victoria’s reigning record. There was a staggering number of milestones and historically significant events during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Some of ABC News’ many lists include the moon landing, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War, and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Closer to home, the Queen was dealing with the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death, which came dangerously close to the end of the royal family. However, as BBC News reports, it ultimately resulted in a massive upheaval to The Firm, forcing them to pare back and modernize many outdated traditions and attitudes. In 2021, the Queen was left heartbroken by the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. He was her loving companion for 73 years and a shoulder to lean on in difficult times. Now Prince Philip will be brought alongside the Queen before her funeral to reunite them in death.

Prince Philip is brought alongside the Queen as royal protocol dictates

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When Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh died, Britain was in the middle of a pandemic lockdown. Everyone has been instructed to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines and restrictions. Despite holding the title of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Queen followed the same rules as all of their common subjects – unlike Boris Johnson and his merry band of politicians.

Despite being the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip was only entitled to a “ceremonial royal funeral,” according to the Royal Family’s website. The same applies to other immediate members of the royal family, with the exception of monarchs. For that reason, and because of the pandemic, Prince Philip’s funeral was a small and intimate affair. The queen, wearing a black mask, sat alone on a pew wiping tears from her eyes.

In contrast, Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will be a lavish, grand affair. The Guardian reports that the service will take place at Westminster Abbey, where the Queen’s coronation took place in 1953. She will then be buried in the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle. Prince Philip was buried under St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle by Express. Even so, it was never to be his final resting place. Royal protocol dictates that after the Queen’s death, Prince Philip’s remains are placed next to those of his wife, where they will eventually be reunited for eternity.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II will be together forever

Shortly after the announcement of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, royal fans outside Buckingham Palace noticed an unusual event in the sky. A double rainbow had appeared, and many took it as a touching sign linking Prince Philip to the Queen.

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The marriage of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip was quite unusual for the time. Traditionally, future monarchs had their spouses chosen for them. Marriages should form alliances and strengthen power. But Princess Elizabeth and Philip, then Prince of Greece and Denmark, bucked the trend and married for love. As fans of “The Crown” know, it was a controversial move, and Princess Elizabeth had to fight around her corner to snag her husband.

Many of the stuffy old British royal family believed that Prince Philip’s status was “below” that of the future queen. They thought she might marry someone of nobler lineage and title. According to royal biographer AN Wilson, there have also been many objections to Prince Philip’s decidedly un-PC jokes and his tendency to speak his mind – no matter what insults it may provoke. Wilson claims Princess Elizabeth has been warned that Prince Philip is “completely the wrong choice” as a husband, according to The Telegraph. The couple proved their neighbors wrong by staying married for 73 years. However, there is no denying that they made an excellent point regarding Prince Philip’s “off-color” gaffs and statements. After his death, the Independent compiled a list of Philip’s 90 “most unbearable comments”, many of which were insensitive to people of other nations.