Why people are shouting out Rebel Wilson’s latest Instagram post

When most people hear Rebel Wilson’s name, they think of her film career, which has included starring in hit films like Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids. But there’s a lot more to Wilson than just acting in movies. In recent years, the health of the actor has been very important to her and she has spoken about it on several occasions.

Wilson sat down for an interview with People in 2019, in which she shared that her yearning to be a mother has put her on the path to a healthier lifestyle. She explained that her doctor had told her that she would have much better luck freezing and harvesting her eggs if she lost a little weight. Wilson then proclaimed 2020 the “Year of Health” and she lost 80 pounds. “It wasn’t a goal to hit a specific weight,” Wilson told the outlet. “It was just the healthiest version of myself.” The star also explained what an eye-opening experience it’s been since people started treating her differently after she’d lost weight.

“Now I know what it’s like to attract positive attention. There’s a societal bias towards what society considers good looking,” she said, explaining that “it’s unfair.” Wilson continued, “I’m sad when someone doesn’t love the body they’re in . They want to celebrate all body types, but I also want to encourage people to be healthy.” Now she’s sticking with the healthy lifestyle theme, but some fans have struggled with it.

Rebel Wilson’s luxe health retreat is making fans see red

Rebel Wilson has sparked some controversy with her latest Instagram post. In the July 22 post, the Pitch Perfect star shared a photo of herself enjoying some fresh air. Wilson dressed to impress with a black sports bra, bike shorts and a matching windbreaker. She shielded her eyes from the sun with reflective aviator shades and tied her hair back in a messy bun. The landscape behind her was picture-perfect, with a tall mountain and a sparkling body of water. The actress kept the caption to her post simple: “Live this @vivamayraltaussee lifestyle Health = Wealth.”

While some fans commented on the post to applaud Wilson for getting herself some rest and relaxation, others slammed her for posting about the luxurious resort, which costs over $4,000 a week, according to the Daily Mail . “I’m so happy for you and your transformation; but if you post, please remember that the majority of people cannot afford and do not have access to the therapies of your choice,” one person wrote, asking them to keep things “authentic.” Another adding, “Literally because the only people who can afford this place are wealthy ones.” Another wrote, “Very nice but normal people can’t afford a place like this!!!!!”

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Earlier in the trip, Wilson shared another snap of her posing at the luxurious resort. The star mentioned how good it felt to be back as it seems to be an annual ritual.