Why Morgan Wallen got kicked out of Kid Rock’s bar

wasted on you! And we’re not just talking about Morgan Wallen’s hit song… because after a night out with friends, Wallen found himself under fire for being kicked out of a Nashville bar.

In 2014, Wallen found himself in the spotlight after starring in season six of The Voice. While the country music star didn’t win the contest — in fact, Wallen was voted out during the playoff round — Wallen says “The Voice” changed his life, according to People. After his time on the show, Wallen released hit after hit and soon found himself at the top of the country music charts, with his album “Dangerous” hitting #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 and also setting the record for Billboard’s Best Country – Album broke.

But while Wallen got used to making headlines to top the charts, Wallen soon found himself in the news for everything but his music. While Wallen’s music record is stellar, his personal record in the spotlight has been less so. After being kicked out of a Nashville bar, his personal track record began to raise some eyebrows from fans, leaving them wondering how one of country’s greatest musicians ended up in the roadside country music capital.

Morgan Wallen was fired for disorderly conduct

Apparently, even country music’s greatest artist isn’t above the law in Nashville, because after a wild night out with friends, Morgan Wallen found that even his hit songs couldn’t stop him from being arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Back then, the “More Than My Hometown” singer was hanging out with friends at Kid Rock’s Big A** Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse when he and his friends started destroying items inside. After several glasses were broken, the star was thrown out of the bar and police were called, according to People. But after being kicked out of the bar, Wallen continued with his night out — despite reportedly smelling of alcohol and beginning to argue with those on the street. Wallen was then arrested and taken into custody after police gave him a chance to leave without arrest, although the star reportedly didn’t want to leave.

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While Wallen was released from custody the next day, the star took to Twitter to clear the air with fans, saying he and his friends “didn’t mean any harm” with their actions at Kid Rock’s bar. “We would like to apologize to any bar staff or anyone affected,” he said in his since-deleted tweet (via CMT). But despite Wallen’s sincere apologies to his fans regarding his first scandal in Nashville, it wouldn’t be his last.

Morgan Wallen used a racial slur on camera

After a night out in Nashville led to Morgan Wallen’s arrest, another night out with friends nearly ended his career. Less than a year after his first incident with the law, Wallen was embroiled in another scandal in 2021 after he was caught racially insulting his friends on camera.

At the time of the video’s release, Wallen could be seen coming home with friends after a night out in Nashville before they all started making a scene. In the video, Wallen and his friends start honking their car horns and yelling, at which point Wallen uses the racial slur. Because Wallen’s neighbor recorded the incident, the video soon went viral and Wallen couldn’t escape the public backlash. In response, Wallen’s music was dropped by radio stations across the country and his record label paused his NBC News contract. After the incident, Wallen apologized for his actions and encouraged fans not to defend him.

Since both incidents happened in Nashville and after nights of drinking after the scandal, Wallen went into rehab to work on himself. And now the country music star is working to get back in the spotlight, but this time for good reasons. “I’m still trying to learn everything I can,” Wallen told SiriusXM. “That’s part of what I love about life, and that’s what I love about everything.”

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