Why Kristen Hager didn’t last long on Chicago Med

So many members of the Chicago Med cast have stuck with the show for years. Several characters have even jumped from show to show within the NBC franchise, popping up on “Chicago PD” or “Chicago Fire.” However, that was not the case with actress Kristen Hager. she played dr Stevie Hammer on Chicago Med, who NBC says is “a brilliant, scrappy emergency room doctor with a surprising past.” It didn’t take long for fans to spot the big surprise. In fact, the reveal took place during Hager’s first appearance as a regular cast member in the Season 7 premiere.

dr Hammer’s mother was homeless and had severe physical, mental, and addiction problems. She suffered from bipolar disorder and went into a spiral after stopping her medication. It was a story with a lot of potential, which made it all the more surprising given that Hager dropped out after just 14 episodes. dr Hammer repaired her broken relationship with her mother after she became her patient at the hospital. Hammer then hung up her stethoscope and moved back to Michigan, where her estranged husband lived, to see if she could repair their marriage as well.

The producers also seemed to think there was much more of Dr. Hammer to discover and they were disappointed to lose Hager. “We all loved Kristen and would love to see her character return in the future,” executive producers Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider told Deadline. So why wasn’t Kristen Hager last on Chicago Med?

Has Kristen Hager left Chicago Med or was she axed?

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There have been some dramatic cast departures from One Chicago since the premiere of the flagship Chicago Fire. There were also some surprises, like Yaya DaCosta leaving ‘Chicago Med’ after six seasons. However, Kristen Hager dropped out after just 14 episodes, which made Dr. Stevie Hammer into one of the shortest-serving medical professionals and left fans stunned. “I am [lost] for words. I love Stevie and I so want to see her and Will together,” one fan tweeted (via Express).

The producers told Deadline they would welcome Hager back with open arms. They had left the door open by asking Dr. Hammer hadn’t killed in one horrible death and had instead relocated them to Michigan. So initially, it seemed to have been Hager’s decision to leave the show. However, another producer interview revealed that she had nothing to say on the matter.

“She is a wonderful actress. We felt like we had pretty much finished her story in relation to her mother and resolved that,” Andy Schneider told Variety. He said they would love to see her return in the future and the good thing is that “if the character lives, the character can come back”. Co-executive producer Diane Frolov chimed in, teasing the fact that Dr. Hammer might reappear at some point. “What’s happening with Stevie right now is that she’s coming back to try and reconnect with her husband and make this work,” she explained.

Kristen Hager has a really exciting new project in development

dr Although Stevie Hammer has left the Chicago Med station, he remains on the website and is mentioned in the present tense. “Kristen Hager plays Dr. Stevie Hammer on the NBC drama ‘Chicago Med,'” reads the bio. So maybe Dr. Hammer back on her scrubs and long coat. In the meantime, Hager doesn’t appear to have any other acting projects in the pipeline, according to her IMDB page.

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However, she has a much more invigorating project on the horizon. In March, Hager revealed the exciting news that she is expecting a baby with her husband Matt Jones. Hager made the announcement by posting a beautiful black and white photo on her Insta. According to The Biography, Hager and Jones dated years ago and were even engaged to wed. However, things didn’t work out the first time and they went their separate ways. Jones dated Kelly Daly and they walked down the aisle in May 2012. The couple had one son together, Jasper, but later split, leaving the comedian and ‘Breaking Bad’ actor free for another chance at love with Hager. The two wed in 2020 in an intimate and private ceremony.