Why Karol G’s collaboration with Blackpink never worked out

When the world first met singer-songwriter Karol G at age 14 on Columbia’s iteration of “The X Factor,” we had no idea this musical prodigy would reach the international heights she did. More often than not, competitive singing shows only produce a handful of reasonably successful careers and a select few superstars. Though she didn’t win, Karol used her platform and talent to become one of the artists at the forefront of modern Latin music.

Since 2017, the “EL MAKINON” singer has released three highly successful albums; ‘Unstoppable’, 2019’s ‘Ocean’ and 2021’s ‘KG0516’. And with the spread of her music around the world, she’s had the chance to collaborate with the likes of Bad Bunny, The Jonas Brothers, Becky G and even Nicki Minaj.

But it turns out there’s one incredible song feature the world has sadly been robbed of: Karol featuring K-pop girl group Blackpink! Right, there could have been a song that combined Karol’s reggaeton sound with the “How You Like That” singers, famous for their epic EDM beatdrops and vocals. Like Karol, Blackpink’s four ladies – Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo – found immense fame and recognition abroad according to Billboard, so a Karol x Blackpink track would have been a match made in heaven. But what kept the world from hearing about this sacred marriage?

COVID-19 halted a Karol G x Blackpink x Nicki Minaj collab!

Following the success of her second album, Karol G released one of her most popular songs as a single for her third album in November 2019; “Tusa” with the Queen of Rap herself, Nicki Minaj. The song immediately stood out, and its music video has over 1.3 billion views (with a B!) on YouTube as of this writing. It even earned Karol two nominations at the 2020 Latin Grammy Awards for Best Song and Record of the Year.

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But in a May video with MTV, Karol revealed she had more plans for the song. “If I had done a remix, I would have done it with BLACKPINK,” Karol explained. “We never tried because of COVID things. We spoke, but that would have been like the remix of life.”

Unfortunately, when COVID protocols were put in place in early 2020, everything was called into question. Karol opened up to Billboard in 2021 and said that at the time she had no idea what her life as a professional music artist would be like. “I stopped making music and told my team to take advantage of it [‘Tusa’] as best we could because I’d probably be a one-hit wonder,” she continues. “All my concerts have been cancelled. I thought it was all over. I got depressed and that’s a feeling I wouldn’t wish on anyone.” Like the rest of the world, Karol had to rethink everything.

Karol hopes to work with Blackpink in the future

Luckily, although a global pandemic halted the “Tusa” remix with Blackpink, Karol G was able to bounce back. Tusa solidified her as a global artist and her 2021 album KG0516 was a huge hit. Karol is even embarking on a tour at the moment and is expected to tour the US in September. So does that mean a collaboration with Blackpink is on the horizon?

Well, Karol told MTV that although the collaboration didn’t materialize, she still really wants to do some kind of joint project. “I would love, love, really love to work with Lisa from Blackpink,” she gushed.

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Though Blackpink still make music together, members of the group have branched out into their own solo projects as well. Lisa, the group’s rapper, released two trap/EDM singles, “LALISA” and “MONEY” in 2021, which have each racked up hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify. But Lisa isn’t the only Blackpink member supporting Karol. Karol posted an Instagram Story (via Twitter) listening to Blackpink singer-dancer Rosé’s solo song “Gone.” So while we hope that there will be a pure collaboration between Karol and Blackpink, there is a reasonable chance that we will also get songs with Karol and each individual member. Introduce!