Why Isla Fisher Wasn’t Always a Fan of Her Red Hair

One Hollywood actor who has distinguished himself as both a talented and a unique entertainer is Isla Fisher. The star is known for her memorable appearances on projects like Confessions of a Shopaholic, Now You See Me and Wedding Crashers, among others. Aside from her remarkable acting skills, a recognizable feature of Fisher is her bright red hair.

In 2019, Fisher spoke to InStyle (via Yahoo) all about her stunning red locks, including how she took care of her hair and her prospect of being mistaken for another Hollywood redhead, Amy Adams. The star said she “feels[s] “very flattered” by the comparison and shared a funny story about using an image of Adams for a family photo. “One time, for our family holiday card, I cut out my face and hair and pasted in Amy’s — and no one noticed,” Fisher recalled.

The performer also explained that she visits hair dyer Tracey Cunningham to dye a few strands here and there “when [she gets] the odd grey.” Additionally, Fisher said that embracing her unique hair color makes her feel “more connected.” [her] family of her own,” as her brother, aunt, and uncle are all redheads. Though she now has positive feelings about her hair color, that wasn’t always the case for Fisher.

Isla Fisher was made to “feel like an outsider” because she had red hair

Audiences around the world may know and love Isla Fisher’s hair color, but there was a time when she didn’t feel that way about her mane. Speaking to Marie Claire Australia in 2021, Fisher admitted she wasn’t a big fan of her hair color when she was young. “Going through puberty, having red hair made me feel a little different from people — I wouldn’t say I naturally embraced that difference, I kind of wanted to fit in,” Fisher said. She told Men’s Journal in 2018 that she was “taunted” about her hair, which sometimes led to her “feeling.”[ing] like an outsider.”

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Eventually, Fisher realized that her vibrant hair color set her apart, and she learned to embrace that physical trait. “As I traveled and got older, I really realized that it made me feel unique,” Fisher told Marie Claire Australia. In 2018, Fisher spoke to Ginger Parrot about another experience that helped her enjoy her curls. She explained that”[working] with a red-haired and proud actress in a TV show in [her] late teens” led to Fisher being “inspired to hug [her] inner ginger.”

Through this personal journey, Fisher has finally celebrated every quality that makes her who she is.

Isla Fisher has learned to love her red hair color

Isla Fisher is proud of her unique and beautiful red locks! In December 2021 she was interviewed by digital creator Emma Berglund of Fancity Central for her film Back to the Outback. Earlier in the interview, Fisher praised Berglund’s hairstyle, which also has fiery hair. “I love that you’re a redhead, by the way,” Fisher told Berglund at the start of their conversation. As the conversation continued, Fisher explained how her character in the film, Maddie, learns to enjoy her individual qualities, much like her own experiences with red hair.

“It’s been such a great journey, as you mentioned, being a redhead,” Fisher said, before further explaining, “[Maddie] accepting and learning to love their difference, which makes them truly unique.” in April, she shared side-by-side pictures of herself and Hayworth, both wearing similar black evening dresses and matching gloves: “FB on my Rita Hayworth shoot… #inspiration,” wrote Fisher.

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Everyone has those traits that take time to embrace and it’s great that Fisher now recognizes the beauty of a redhead!