Why Helen Mirren didn’t like kissing Harrison Ford

As one of Hollywood’s most iconic leading men, few would deny that a chance to kiss Harrison Ford would be something to write home about. Well… Helen Mirren is one of the few.

For a refresher, Ford and Mirren portrayed husband and wife in the 1986 film The Mosquito Coast. By this point, he had already starred in the early offers of two of his biggest film franchises to date, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. He’d also long since firmly established himself as a Hollywood heartthrob, even being crowned People’s Sexiest Man Alive more than a decade later — an honor achieved in his late 50s, no less. Despite the constant attention he receives for his looks, Ford is usually shy about acknowledging it. In response to being named “Sexiest Man Alive” in 1998, the actor quipped, “I never feel sexy. I have a distant relationship with the mirror.”

We’re not sure if Mirren felt the same way when she revealed she didn’t like kissing her 1986 co-star, but she certainly didn’t hold back at the time of the reveal. So, to quote Cardi B, “What was the reason?”

Helen Mirren found Harrison Ford’s ‘mwah’, well… ‘meh’

Something tells us that Harrison Ford would have loved it if Helen Mirren was held back by someone in 1997 when she decided to kiss it and tell it like it is.

More than 10 years after they worked together on The Mosquito Coast, Mirren reflected on the experience in a BBC interview with Radio 1 Breakfast Show — and she wasn’t exactly thrilled with her co-star’s kissing skills. “He can’t kiss,” she told then-hosts Zoe Ball and Kevin Greening (via the Independent). To add insult to injury, she also revealed that his reputation for subpar kissing was well known among his previous co-stars. “It’s not just me – other actresses agree. Whenever we chat off-screen…we come to the same conclusion: ‘He couldn’t do it to me either!’” she doubled down. And though she began by commenting that he had trouble bucking for the cameras, she eventually concluded that she didn’t think it was work-specific: “He’s probably no good off-screen either.” Yikes!

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Unfortunately for Ford, Carrie Fisher seems to have confirmed this in her memoir The Princess Diarist. In the book, Fisher revealed that she and Ford had an affair while filming “Star Wars” — and likened his kissing skills to those of a “grouper” (via Esquire). Granted, she clarified, “Without the water, the scales, and that awful fishy smell.” Small wins, guess?

…but it seems like the two hit it off today

Harrison Ford never addressed Helen Mirren’s kissing comment, but it would make sense if the Indiana Jones star chose to stay away from his former co-star to avoid awkward clashes. However, more than 20 years later, they seem to hit it off. As it became known earlier this year, they will even be colleagues again.

In May, Entertainment Weekly reported that both Mirren and Ford had signed on to star in the new Yellowstone prequel. In September, Variety shared more casting details, and it turns out Ford and Mirren are set to play Jacob and Cara Dutton: husband and wife. That doesn’t automatically mean we’ll see the pair of lips on screen… but it doesn’t seem like a far-fetched idea either.

Perhaps Mirren has forgotten Ford’s kissing technique over the years. Alternatively, Ford could take her notes to heart and brush up on his skills. There’s also the possibility that Ford was never quite as terrible as she implied in her BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show interview — although Carrie Fisher painted a not-so-pretty picture that we won’t soon forget. Anyway, the origin story of “Yellowstone” — now officially called “1923,” by the deadline — offers these two a chance to kiss and reconcile. With 1923 slated for a December release (via TV Guide), we’ll just have to wait and see how it pans out.

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