Why Hailee Steinfeld’s first kiss was incredibly awkward

The anticipation that builds up to your first kiss is filled with excitement and a vision of fireworks going off in the background. This idea comes from actors on screen having their first kiss and of course the film makes it seem so magical. People get really excited about their first kiss, and most of the time it doesn’t end the way they imagined. The once-romantic plan in her head turns into the reality of two people who don’t really know what they’re doing. Many stars have shared their first kiss horror stories, whether it was the kiss itself, where it happened, or just who they kissed. These embarrassing situations create a memory that many of them would like to forget.

Hailee Steinfeld made a name for herself after starring in True Grit opposite Oscar winner Jeff Bridges. The star had a successful acting and singing career, sadly, Steinfeld was unsuccessful on their first kiss. The star became part of the club of celebrities who have had an awkward experience with their first kiss. In Steinfeld’s case, the star had a double whammy of awkward first-kiss stories on-screen and off-screen.

Hailee Steinfeld’s on-screen kiss was pretending to be kissing his mother

Some celebrities begin their careers as child stars, resulting in many normal human experiences on screen. According to insiders, Hailee Steinfeld started her acting career at the age of 8 after seeing a family member in a commercial. The star then asked her parents to take her to acting classes so that one day she could be in front of the camera. Well, before Steinfeld had her big break, she took part in student-made films. Steinfeld can never forget that, because it was in one of these films that she got her first kiss!

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Steinfeld revealed all the details about the awkward first kiss to W Magazine in March 2017. The star had been working on “a graduate work film,” and for one of the scenes, they wanted the then-12-year-old to kiss him not one, but two other boys — which the “Pitch Perfect” star took as “a lot” for her designated.

Steinfeld’s nerves only rose when they put one of the boys on an “apple crate” because he was much smaller than them. As if things couldn’t get any worse, one of the boys made the whole situation even more awkward by saying, “I’m just going to pretend to kiss my mother.” The star shrugged and said she was just pretending to kiss her dog. Again, probably not what a first kiss should be, but she hoped her actual first kiss would be different.

Steinfeld can’t go home without thinking about their first kiss

Hailee Steinfeld’s first kiss is just one of the many on-screen kisses to add to the list of awkward on-screen kisses. The star, who hadn’t had her first kiss at the time, had her fingers crossed that her off-screen kiss would turn out to be a lot better. Unfortunately for Steinfeld it wasn’t rainbows and butterflies. When breakups occur and things don’t work out between the couple, people tend to get rid of anything that reminds them of that person.

Unfortunately, the “Hawkeye” star can’t get the memory of her actual first kiss out of her mind because every time she goes home it triggers a constant reminder. She shared with W Magazine, “My first real kiss was in my house I grew up next to my front door, which kind of sucks because every time I walk through my front door I think of him.” About that To top it off, the actress described the kiss as “messy.”

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Steinfeld, who actually had her first kiss, felt like she was an expert on the subject. Because of this, the actress decided to comment on the boy about the kiss. She told the magazine, “I’m pretty sure I looked at him, and I was like, ‘No, no, you can do better.'” Years later, Steinfeld would have a brief relationship with former One Direction singer Niall Horan – but we doubt she ever told him he could “do better!”