Why Ghislaine Maxwell feels terrible about Prince Andrew

Ghislaine Maxwell has a lot to say, and filmmaker Daphne Barak offers the disgraced celebrity the opportunity to talk about her nefarious relationship with Jeffrey Epstein with the intention of making a documentary. Maxwell was convicted of sex trafficking and is serving a 20-year sentence, according to the Daily Mail. The prison where Maxwell is serving his time — the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut — is the same prison Teresa Giudice was held in, according to E! News.

Not surprisingly, Maxwell’s legal troubles continued to mount, and her own attorneys even sued her at one point, according to The Denver Post, for failing to pay $878,300 in attorney fees. Maxwell and Epstein’s actions cast many people who knew them in a negative light before things came to light. TV personality Carole Radziwill addressed her years of association with Maxwell and Epstein. There was also former President Bill Clinton facing charges for his association with the couple, according to the New York Post. Then, of course, there was Prince Andrew, who was disgraced by his ties to Maxwell and Epstein – and the former had quite a bit to say about the king in her most recent interview.

Ghislaine Maxwell calls Prince Andrew a dear friend

In her October 2022 interview with Daphne Barak, Ghislaine Maxwell opened up about Prince Andrew’s fall from grace after his ties to her and Jeffrey Epstein came to light. Maxwell called the prince her “dear friend” according to The US Sun and said: “I feel so bad for him. I follow what happens to him.” Things came to a head when a photo of Andrew with Virginia Giuffre (née Roberts) surfaced. According to the Daily Mail, Maxwell was smiling in the background and leaning against a door frame.

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“I accept that this friendship could not outlive my conviction,” Maxwell continued. “[Andrew] pays such a price for the club. I consider him a dear friend. I’ll take care of him.” Andrew’s lawyers denied any close friendship with Maxwell, according to the BBC. Still, there is one thing Prince Andrew and Maxwell do agree on, according to the Daily Mail; both claim the photo of Andrew with Giuffre is fake.