Why fans are furious about Kelly Ripa’s treatment of Ryan Seacrest

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are one of the most notable celebrity duos in the industry. The two have been moderating “Live! with Kelly and Ryan” and say they have fun on screen because before they became colleagues they were friends. “Kelly and I have been friends for two decades,” Seacrest told People in March. “So we’ve known each other long before that — longer before we ever aired together.” He said they’ve been best buddies for so long that they could pretty much finish each other’s sentences at that point. “Obviously when we look at each other and talk to each other there’s a tremendous amount of trust and respect, but we can also read each other’s minds.”

When rumors surfaced in 2020 that Ripa was planning to retire, she admitted that she was open to the idea but loved working with Seacrest so much that she doesn’t mind staying on as a co-host . “I talk to Ryan about it all the time because I was really keen on retiring like this, but Ryan Seacrest is so great to work with,” she shared with Parade. “We’ve been friends for two decades and I have to tell you that he really attracts me there … He makes me feel like I’m not working every day and then you know you have a great working relationship.”

However, viewers have a different opinion. Following a recent episode of “Live!”, some fans took to the Instagram comments section to express their disappointment at how “rude” Ripa was to Seacrest on the air.

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Fans claim Kelly Ripa was rude to Ryan Seacrest on Live!

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have always gushed about each other’s work ethics, but according to fans, Ripa can be rude to her co-host at times. In one of Seacrest’s most recent Instagram posts, fans stormed the comments section to let him know that they didn’t appreciate how often Ripa talks about him on their talk show together.

“You have to tell Kelly to stop interrupting you. That’s very rude. She does this throughout the show…every show. Very annoying. The show’s ratings are going up because of you. She’s a boring presenter,” said one user. which another user agreed: “I agree a million percent. It sure would be nice to hear Ryan finish a story!” Another fan also said that Ripa has become a habit of disrupting her co-hosts. “Kelly has cut out every co-host she’s had, but this is worse than ever,” they wrote. But there are others who have defended Ripa. “Kelly is a wonderful hostess. She is so talented and smart,” wrote one user. “I love them together!! Great chemistry I think,” commented another.

Seacrest hasn’t addressed the comments, but in a previous interview with Entertainment Weekly he gushed about Ripa’s ability to make him feel comfortable on screen. “She always has a story to tell, she always has a joke, she always has a reaction,” he said. “And she brings incredible energy and honesty and openness to the show. She probably made me more comfortable just talking about myself…It’s less hosting and more camaraderie.”

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