Why Emily Ratajkowski is Sparking Sad Relationship Rumors

From an outsider’s perspective, Emily Ratajkowski and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard appeared to be rushing into marriage after barely knowing each other. Just weeks after becoming romantically linked, the Gone Girl actress announced she’d married Bear-McClard via posts on her Instagram Stories. “Sooo…I have a surprise,” Ratajkowski wrote of two snaps in 2018, according to Page Six. “I got married today,” she announced alongside a photo of her husband kissing her on the cheek.

Although they haven’t been together long, the pair were far from strangers before taking the plunge. “No, we’ve known each other for a long time,” Ratajkowski said of her husband while appearing over Bustle on Busy Tonight in 2018. The Blurred Lines video star said Bear-McClard joked that she “checked.” [him] for two years” before they started dating.

In March 2021, the couple had their first child together. Almost a year later, according to the Daily Mail, the model celebrated their four-year wedding anniversary by posting rare snaps from their wedding anniversary to her Instagram Stories in February. The couple had opted for a low-key ceremony in a courthouse, where Ratajkowksi didn’t wear a traditional wedding dress. “I’ve never liked the idea of ​​wearing white to a wedding because I’m not a pure woman,” the “My Body” writer told Vanity Fair in 2018. Months after their recent wedding anniversary, rumors circulated that the couple’s relationship be in trouble.

Emily Ratajkowski was spotted without her wedding ring

On July 14, photos circulated of Emily Ratajkowski walking her son without her wedding ring. As the Daily Mail noted, the ‘I Feel Pretty’ actor has been seen without a ring “on a number of occasions”. Around the same time the photos were released, sources began claiming that Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard broke up over infidelity. “It is known that her husband cheated on her and they are filing for divorce,” influencer Claudia Oshry claimed on an episode of The Morning Toast podcast, via Page Six. “If the inevitable Instagram post or PR statement [about their break up] comes out, we won’t be that surprised.”

Rumors of Bear-McClard cheating gained momentum a day after photos of Ratajkowski without her wedding ring were released. Another source claimed the model’s husband was unfaithful. “Yeah, he cheated,” the insider told Page Six on July 15. Apparently, the alleged infidelity was not an isolated case. “He’s a serial cheater. It’s gross. He’s a dog,” added the source.

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As articles circulated that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model’s relationship might be in trouble, fans shared their reactions online as many were shocked to hear the reports. “Emily Ratajkowski’s divorce should be proof to all women that a man who cheats is never about the woman who was cheated on,” said one fan tweeted. “Imagine cheating on Emily Ratajkowski, I’m getting sick,” another added.