Why did Paula Faris leave The View after 3 seasons?

ABC’s The View is widely known for its colorful and feminine perspective on modern pop culture and news. Today, the talk show – which was an instant critical hit when it first aired in 1997 – is still a smash hit. Variety announced it as the top-rated daytime talk show of the 2021–2022 television season, and The New York Times named it the “Top Political TV Show in America” ​​in 2019.

Over the 25 years of The View, there have been several moments of controversy, and nearly 20 permanent co-hosts have come and gone. One of many who may have flown a little under the radar is former ABC correspondent Paula Faris, who served on the panel from 2015 to 2018. So why did Faris leave the company after only three short seasons? Well, unlike some of the other hosts who have come and gone before and after her on acrimonious terms, Faris is still friends with her former co-hosts and had to go for some relatively unsettling personal reasons.

Paula Faris left after months of hell in her personal life

In July 2018, it was announced that Paula Faris would be stepping down from both her position on The View and her role as co-host on the weekend edition of Good Morning America. Back then, Faris tweeted her thanks to the “gracious” teams she worked with, telling both The View and GMA, “I will miss you.” However, she also later revealed that devastating health issues led to it have that she has resigned.

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In a statement to People at the time, Faris said it was “a really bad miscarriage” that hastened her transition. “I feel like it was in that moment that really repositioned my priority compass and our family’s priority compass,” she said. “I realized that my kids need me in the stands and my husband and I on the sidelines need that time to reconnect.”

A few months later, in an interview with Good Housekeeping, Faris said she went through “months of hell,” which included suffering a concussion after her miscarriage while reporting on the job, being in a head-on car accident, and subsequently developing pneumonia. In the end, it seems like Faris’ decision to leave and take some time for herself was for the best.

Paula Faris started a faith-based podcast during her break

While it may have been several months of “hell” that finally persuaded Paula Faris to leave The View, she was also partly motivated to embark on a project that held a very special place in her heart. In 2018, Faris, who is a Christian, started Journeys of Faith with Paula Faris, a podcast dedicated to faith that ran through 2020. In a November 2018 guest appearance on Good Morning America, Faris said that the podcast was an “opportunity to talk to influencers and see them in a completely different light — to find out how their beliefs guide them through the good and the bad.” “. After that series ended, Faris started another podcast called The Paula Faris Faith & Calling Podcast.

In January 2020, Faris returned as a guest on The View, and with her former co-hosts recaps the end of her time on the panel in 2018. After her many upsetting experiences that prompted her to withdraw from the limelight, Faris explained how it resonated with her faith. “I felt like God [was] He kind of asked me to take a step back and pump the breaks a little bit,” explained Faris, “and it was in that season that I was like, ‘Okay, I’m listening.'” Even though I have a position on ” The View” reflected. Of her “dream jobs,” Faris said she “knew I had to slow down because I was losing sight of what was important.”

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