Why Brad Pitt isn’t worried about Emily Ratajkowski’s new Mystery Man

Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski made headlines in September when People reported the famous couple was hanging out. According to a source, Pitt and Ratajkowski “spent a lot of time together,” although they weren’t “officially” dating. That same day, Us Weekly reported a similar story, stating that Pitt and Ratajkowski “met.” The timing of the story was interesting as Ratajkowski had filed for divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard just weeks before after four years of marriage. Pitt, on the other hand, has been declared “legally single” since 2019, according to CNN. However, his long, contentious divorce from ex Angelina Jolie is technically still ongoing. To make it short? The A-listers could date if they wanted to.

Still, the Pitt and Ratajkowski-reported romance hit a snag when Ratajkowski declared himself single in an interview with Variety. “I’m practically single for the first time in my life and I feel like I’m enjoying the freedom of not worrying about how I’m being perceived,” said the model and “My Body” author. To further dampen speculation that she was dating Pitt, Ratajkowski was recently photographed enjoying the company of a new man, per Page Six. During the outing, Ratajkowski and DJ Orazio Rispo can be seen enjoying a walk, a motorbike ride and a kiss. Now a new report has given the public a glimpse of what Pitt thinks of Ratajkowski’s coming out.

Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski are not exclusive

Apparently Brad Pitt isn’t worried about Emily Ratajkowski’s new romance. According to a source affiliated with E! News, Pitt and Ratajkowski were “never exclusive or even really together.” The source also shared that although they met “a few times,” living on opposite ends of the country influenced their budding relationship. “If a meaningful opportunity arises to see each other, they will,” the source added. “But they’re both completely single and dating different people.” According to the source, Pitt is also exploring his options by “dating a few different women at the moment.”

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This revelation echoes an earlier follow-up report from People, in which an anonymous source claimed Pitt was “single,” despite having had a few dates with Ratajkowski. “[Brad] was introduced to Emily by an art world friend,” the source shared. “There’s an attraction, but nothing serious,” the source added. puppy The model’s romantic outing with Orazio Rispo has certainly given the public a deeper understanding of what’s really going on with Pitt and Ratajkowski.