Whoopi Goldberg has a stern warning for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Whoopi Goldberg calls Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas after Roe v. Wade was lifted on June 24. The US Supreme Court has ruled to overturn abortion rights, according to NPR, which has sparked protests and widespread uproar both in person and on social media. The ability to have an abortion now varies from state to state — immediately following the reversal of Roe v. Wade outlawed abortion in five states: Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana and South Dakota, according to People. This has resulted in an overwhelming number of celebrities speaking out and expressing their devastation at the decision.

Whoopi Goldberg, one of The View’s hosts, made the comments during the June 27 show. She said: “I appreciate everyone’s religion, but I don’t subscribe to your religion. I’m not asking you to sign mine,” she continued, “And I want to make things very clear. I’m very pro-life, I’ve never been anti-life. I want people to have the life they want, but I don’t want to force anyone, I don’t want anyone to come into my house and tell her what she needs. Because she doesn’t know how to do it.”

Goldberg also decided to call Thomas and said, “What’s next as Clarence is signaling to Thomas that they’d like to phase out contraception.” She continued, “You understand, sir? No, because you don’t have to use it. You don’t have to use it.” That wasn’t the end of her tirade. Her subsequent comments even made “Whoopi” trend on Twitter.

Whoopi Goldberg didn’t hold back with Clarence Thomas

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During the June 27 episode of “The View,” the show’s co-hosts celebrated the 25th anniversary of the series while filming in the Bahamas. However, the celebration ended with a powerful talk about the fall of Roe v. Wade overshadowed. Whoopi Goldberg chaired the discussion and revealed that the hosts of The View flew to the Bahamas when the news broke.

Goldberg said, “At 40,000 feet, a hot topic immediately erupted trying to process the implications of that decision. We want to recognize right away that not everyone agrees on this particular issue, but at its core, it is about whether you have the right to make decisions about another person’s reproductive choices.” Joy Behar added, “First, we were in the air, so it wasn’t easy jumping out of the plane… maybe straight into the Supreme Court.” Sunny Hostin replied, “The court is basically saying it’s time to welcome all this new life, but we can shoot them with our newly available, unrestricted guns.”

Goldberg also spoke out directly against Judge Clarence Thomas, saying, “You better hope they don’t come for you, Clarence,” and continued, “And say you shouldn’t be married to your wife, who happens to be white.” .” According to The Wall Street Journal, Thomas has been open to potentially repealing contraceptive rights and same-sex marriage in the future.