Who is the best musician turned actor in Hollywood? – Exclusive survey

The worlds of singing and acting often collide in Hollywood. Many celebrities start out in a career only to find that they have different ambitions. Then there are these little things called musicals that require a healthy dose of talent from both of them. However, most A-listers focus their energy in a specific way. Of the brave souls who lead with their hearts – much to the dismay of their agents and managers – singers who switch to acting seem infinitely better than actors who try their hand at singing. And while some singers who’ve dabbled in acting have bombed, many have written the blueprint for other Hollywood hopes to follow.

To gauge the public’s opinion on who did it best, we asked Nicki Swift readers to vote for their favorite musician-turned-actor. The ranking includes the likes of Lady Gaga, who absolutely wowed fans and critics when she showcased her acting skills in ‘A Star Is Born’ alongside Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Lopez, who is a certified triple threat. (That is, acting, singing, and dancing.) Then there’s Will Smith, who started out as a rapper and went on to have a hugely successful acting career; Mark Wahlberg, whose acting career is definitely an improvement on his music; Beyoncé, who has also dabbled in acting; and newcomer Harry Styles, who is just getting started.

To make it short? All of the celebs on this list have had fruitful music and acting careers. But one definitely reigned supreme.

Will Smith is the best musician and actor in Hollywood

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Of the 595 people who answered Nicki Swift’s exclusive poll, 24.37% agreed Will Smith had the best transition from musician to actor — and with good reason! Less than a decade after debuting as a family-friendly Philadelphia rapper, Smith directed his own show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which opened the doors for him to become one of the biggest movie stars of the ’90s and early ’00s. That feat was accomplished in part thanks to Smith’s dedication to dethroning Tom Cruise, according to his memoir Will, per Insider. Next on the list is Transformers and Ted star Mark Wahlberg, who finished just below Smith with 24.2% of the vote.

Jennifer Lopez took third place with 19.33% of the vote. Interestingly, Lopez’s first notable appearance was actually as a dancer on the ’90s sketch comedy show In Living Color. Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, and Beyoncé took the bottom three spots with 18.66%, 7.3%, and 6.22%, respectively. Lady Gaga’s transition to acting came long after the start of her singing career, with her debut on the big screen in 2018, about a decade into her career. Ditto for Styles, who appeared on 2017’s “Dunkirk,” seven years into his musical career. Beyoncé tried acting early in her career, first appearing in cameo roles in 1998’s Smart Guy and then getting bigger roles on Dream Girls and Cadillac Records.