Who is RHONY newcomer Erin Dana Lichy?

Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, Leah McSweeney and Eboni K. Williams, don’t slam the door on your way out—because there are seven new Real Housewives of New York coming in. And from what we know of the two of them so far, “RHONY” newcomers Ubah Hassan and Erin Dana Lichy, there’s going to be plenty of glamor and fresh drama. Exactly what the franchise needs given the sharp drop in viewership.

Of course, the first-ever black “RHONY” actor was blamed for the ratings slump. Per Insider, Twitter’s terrible trolls claimed Williams made the show “too woke.” Isn’t it 2022, isn’t it 1921? De Lesseps and Singer also jumped on the blame bandwagon, which is ironic considering a Nicki Swift poll found that 25% of fans were over Singer, the OG “RHONY” housewife. However, Singer and de Lesseps shed salty white tears when Williams introduced critical race theory to a Harlem-themed party. There’s the endless bickering and underhandedness going on for ten minutes or so.

Andy Cohen confirmed the news that “RHONY” fans were hoping for on Oct. 16. The show underwent a total transformation. Cohen announced the line-up change of “RHONY” during a live taping of “Watch What Happens Live” at BravoCon 2022. The newcomers strutted onto the stage while the audience shouted and applauded. Season 14 will be its most diverse yet, with black, lesbian, Indian and Latino women among Variety’s cast. So who is RHONY newcomer Erin Dana Lichy?

Erin is all about girl power, family life and business

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All Real Housewives of New York City fans dying to know who Erin Dana Lichy is? Well, according to a Bravo press release from Variety, she’s “super sociable and loves being with other people.” She is also a happy party girl and lifelong New Yorker with a home in Tribeca. When she’s not drinking pornstar martinis with the girls, Lichy enjoys spending time with her high-flying legal eagle husband, their three children, and their four siblings.

Apparently, Lichy is “fun, confident, and outspoken.” She’s also clearly a woman who gets what she sets out to do, and she sets her sights high. Lichy earned her realtor’s license while still a teenager and runs her own company, Homegirl. According to the company’s minimalist website, Lichy comes from a long line of real estate agents and loves redesigning interiors and flip properties. Oh, and she’s a smart bun, too, having earned a master’s degree in Sustainable Real Estate Development from NYU.

Lichy and her husband Abraham Lichy founded a fashion company together after graduation. She combines her love of fashion and design with her real estate talents. And, in a marked departure from the usual Real Housewives of New York dynamic, Lichy is a real girl girl. She is dedicated to “Women’s Empowerment” and always strives to hire women whenever possible. To blurt out a meme, Lichy is “that woman who always fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.”

Erin is part of Bravo’s plan to breathe new life into the show

RHONY newcomer Erin Dana Lichy is married to attorney Abraham Lichy. It’s likely that her husband will be a regular on the show, at least if Lichy’s Instagram feed has anything to say. The realtor and entrepreneur loves to post candid shots of her family and romantic pictures of her and her husband.

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Erin is part of Bravo’s plan to update The Real Housewives of New York to better reflect the city’s population as a whole. Cohen explained during his BravoCon 2022 launch that all of the new cast members are already friends and have known each other for years. They also live in different areas of the city, from the Bronx to Brooklyn and in between.

Among them, the cast brings much-needed variety and breathes new life into the previously stale, rich, white-bread show. “There are thousands of stories to be told here,” Cohen told Variety during the season 14 casting process. “This is America’s most multicultural, diverse, dynamic and exciting city: we are seeking a multicultural group of friends who will share the most exciting city in America really best reflect the country. We’re looking for a group of women who are real friends and who come from different backgrounds, races and religions.” Well, it looks like they’ve nailed it. Let’s hope it’s not too ‘woke’ for the US is