Who is RHONY newcomer Brynn Whitfield?

A big load of fresh blood is coming to the Big Apple for season 14 of The Real Housewives of New York City. As noted by Variety, ratings for season 13 weren’t great, so Andy Cohen and his Bravo bigwigs decided to take drastic measures to save the series. Cohen shared that they wanted to assemble a new, diverse cast of women running in the same social circles. “What we’re looking for is everything that makes a great housewife: fun, headstrong, successful, aspiring women who represent a side of New York that we want to see more of,” he added.

The new faces will replace the reduced “RHONY” cast, which consisted of Ramona Singer, Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Leah McSweeney and Eboni K. Williams, herself a newcomer and the show’s first black housewife. Cohen stressed to Variety that one goal of the show’s overhaul is to be more inclusive, and he told Page Six that this time the search for potential Bravo stars wasn’t just focused on the Upper East Side. There’s also a “legacy” series in the works that will feature familiar faces from past “RHONY” seasons, but at BravoCon 2022, Cohen noted it’s taken a back seat in the reboot.

Bravo fans were able to meet the all-new “RHONY” cast for the first time at BravoCon, and one of the women, Brynn Whitfield, has yet to quite achieve “wife” status.

Brynn Whitfield is not above posting a thirst trap photo

Six of the seven new members of The Real Housewives of New York cast made their debut appearance on Watch What Happens Live when Andy Cohen was filming an episode at BravoCon 2022. Bravo also released brief bios for each of the women, and Brynn Whitfield is one of three cast members who are not currently married. However, she is described as a “trophy wife in training”.

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Not that Whitfield needs a wealthy partner to fund her lavish lifestyle. The Purdue University graduate is the PR director for e-commerce company Assembly, according to her LinkedIn profile, and she has a part-time job as a freelance marketing communications consultant. Taking to Instagram, she revealed that she also received her yoga training certification from YogaWorks in 2019, so this real housewife is a real hustler.

Hailing from the Midwest, Whitfield isn’t afraid to wade into the murky waters to go fly-fishing. From the looks of her social media activities, we can also gather that she is a big fan of opera, arts and travel. Traveling to Instagram-worthy spots like St. Barts and Positano, she also poses for pictures that would make Instagram influencers envious — including the occasional thirst-trap swimsuit photo. According to her Bravo bio, she’s multiracial, and while her hair appears to be straightened in most of her photos, she every now and then proudly flaunts her fabulous heart.

Why some Bravo fans aren’t thrilled with the new RHONY line-up

In addition to posting magazine-worthy photos on Instagram, Brynn Whitfield has mastered the art of social media humor. She captioned one post: “It’s all about that cute, innocent first date look. A look that says, ‘If you behave — I’ll marry your dad, become your stepmom, and make your bedtime at 7 p.m.’ But some Bravo fans aren’t looking forward to seeing a ‘RHONY’ cast that out younger, social media savvy women.

“So RHONY is now Real Influencers of NY? It’s a whole different vibe and it sucks,” read a response to the cast announcement on Bravo’s Instagram. “This is a NOPE!! So many things are wrong with it…start with age. Too young. That looks like a wealthy summer house squat. Pass,” wrote another person. Per Bravo Whitfield’s castmates include fashion entrepreneur Jessel Taank, Instagram series host Lizzy Savetsky, former J.Crew manager Jenna Lyons, home renovation expert Erin Dana Lichy, model Ubah Hassan and lifestyle blogger Sai De Silva .

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However, Whitfield has at least a few things in common with her older predecessors. According to her bio, “Brynn has a passion for interior design, fashion, and throwing dinner parties.” When The New York Times spoke to the West Village native for an article about young book collectors in May, she gave her age as 36. Explaining why she loves collecting old books, especially chess ones, she remarked, “People find it cooler than typical coffee table books.”