Who is Mariah Carey’s famous godmother?

For decades, Mariah Carey has dominated the music and entertainment scene and has earned a reputation as the Queen of Christmas, whistle notes and celebrity shadow. The chart-topping singer is also known for her friendship with the late Whitney Houston and complicated marriage to ex-husband Nick Cannon. But there is someone else important in Carey’s life. And that star-studded dynamic is almost too much superstardom to handle. Carey is closely associated with Patti LaBelle, who has been wowing audiences with her soulful singing since the ’60s—long before Carey burst into the limelight.

In 2010, LaBelle appeared on The Wendy Williams Show. Williams asked LaBelle, “Is it true that you are Mariah Carey’s godmother?” to which LaBelle replied with an enthusiastic “Yes.” How did it happen? “Because she wanted me to be. And I wanted to be. i love that voice I mean, you don’t find many voices like that, honey,” LaBelle continued. This is definitely a case of divas attracting divas. And how does Carey express her love for LaBelle? “She sends me beautiful white flowers,” LaBelle revealed.

Let’s take a closer look at LaBelle and Carey’s close relationship.

The love between Mariah Carey and Patti LaBelle is undeniable

There’s no denying the love between Mariah Carey and Patti LaBelle. In 2019, the singer posted an Instagram video of her and LaBelle during Carey’s “Caution World Tour.” Holding their wine glasses on a balcony, the divas looked as glamorous as ever as they sang to Carey’s 2018 hit “With You.” As they sang, Carey dropped the F-Bomb, much to LaBelle’s surprise. “Look, she didn’t know that. I cut it out,” Carey squirted at the camera. In this interaction, the chemistry between the two was palpable.

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Not only behind the scenes you can experience the contagious love of the two. The duo have previously been spotted together on many occasions, such as when Carey honored LaBelle with the Living Legend Award at Black Girls Rock 2013! Event. And the good mood has been present for quite some time. In 1998, LaBelle and Carey sang a duet on Cheryl Lynn’s hit “Got To Be Real” at the Hammerstein Ballroom. LaBelle warmly welcomed Carey onto the stage, repeatedly exuberantly calling out her first name. As the “Emotions” singer continued to strut, the ladies held hands, smiled and unbuckled hearts, ending their soulful performance with a hug and kiss.

That same year, Carey paid tribute to LaBelle by singing a medley of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and LaBelle’s 1983 hit “If Only You Knew” at the Essence Awards. The camera zoomed in to show LaBelle smiling like a proud godmother in the audience.

Patti LaBelle has some advice for Mariah Carey

In 2019, Patti LaBelle went on “Busy Tonight” and talked about which musicians she mentored. Here’s the impressive cast: Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, and of course…Mariah Carey. Discussing her relationship with Carey, LaBelle told host Busy Philipps, “I slap her every once in a while,” which seemed like a joke. “She’s so phenomenal, so good, she doesn’t need to be beaten anymore. This is my baby.” Maybe she’s referring to giving the famous singer some tough love?

On an episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” a caller asked LaBelle what advice she had for Carey in 2018. LaBelle had some words of wisdom for her goddaughter. She replied: “Just to stay smart. She is a very brilliant woman. She was surrounded by bad people sometimes and that upset her a bit. But she’s still the Mariah Carey that started it all. She’s a good, wonderful person.”

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The R&B singer went on to say that the two talk to each other twice a month. LaBelle is definitely protective of Carey. Referring to Carey being with the wrong people, she said, “I need to keep my little girl on the right track if I can.” Love is definitely in the air for these two vocal powerhouses.