Who is LC on Claim to Fame?

In the ABC reality series Claim to Fame, the relatives of the rich and famous live together and face challenges while trying to discover which celebrities their roommates are related to. Singer Kevin Jonas and TikTok star Frankie Jonas are hosting the show, and the brothers told People they weren’t given any inside information on the contestants’ family trees before the contest began. “We played as well as the participants,” said Kevin.

Over the course of the show, viewers have learned the identities of many of the contestants. Each week, a guesser can send a castmate home by correctly linking them to their celebrity relative. However, if the guesser is wrong, he’s the one sent home. Some of the eliminated competitors include Simone Biles’ sister, Laverne Cox’s twin sister, and Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter, according to People.

After her elimination, Jasmine English, sister of Tiffany Haddish (who went by the name Kai on the show), expressed hope that a certain contestant would outsmart the remaining competition. “LC is my girl. She is the whole package and has all the tools to win this game. So obviously I want her to win the whole thing and I’m rooting for her,” English told Newsweek. LC proved to be a pro at fooling her castmates, but viewers didn’t have to wait until she was eliminated to learn who she’s related to.

LC’s sister is actor Keke Palmer

LC, real name Loreal Palmer, revealed to viewers on the Aug. 1 episode of “Claim to Fame” that she is the older sister of former Nickelodeon star Keke Palmer, according to CBS8. However, the mother-of-three has lied directly to her castmates to mislead them, using her resemblance to actor Laurence Fishburne to her advantage. In episode 8, [2:33] She recalled telling Lark, another finalist, that she was named after her father, whose real name is Lawrence. She revealed that her siblings – Lawrence, Lawrencia and Lauren – are also named after their father. However, Lauren is better known as Keke.

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According to USA Today, Loreal is actually responsible for coming up with the nickname that would become Keke’s stage name. Before the Palmer family moved to Los Angeles so Keke could pursue her dream of acting, the budding child star consulted her older sister. “I asked her, ‘Please?’ I knew she was excited about going to high school, and I didn’t want to take that away from her — but I really wanted my dream to come true,” Keke recalled. “She said, ‘You’re really talented, and I think that might be good for you.'” Two years after Keke’s acting career took off, she was cast opposite Fishburne in the film Akeelah and the Bee. For a “Claim to Fame” reference, Loreal referred to the breakout -Characterizing her younger sister by dressing up in a cheeky bee costume and strutting her stuff down a catwalk.

Keke Palmer’s career has been between her and her sister

In her book I’m Not Yours: Quieting the Noise and Finding Your Voice, Keke Palmer revealed that a rift formed between her and her older sister when the Palmer family left their old lives behind and went to Hollywood. Keke fought with her parents and didn’t feel like her sibling had her back, but she later came to a realization. “I didn’t think at the time that she was going through a difficult time herself,” Keke admitted.

Keke and Loreal Palmer would eventually make amends. Speaking to ET, the ‘Nope’ star expressed her excitement about Loreal’s ‘Claim to Fame’ casting, saying, “I’m so proud of her.” She also shared some advice for her sister. “She has to keep her lips closed. We have similar cadences, which we call the Palmer cadence,” she said. And that’s not all they have in common – just like Keke, Loreal can sing. Fans can hear a little taste of her singing talent by watching an audio clip she shared on Instagram. “Many of you may know that I sing and write music, but due to the way my anxiety is built I never release anything,” she wrote in the caption. However, according to her IMDb page, Loreal wrote and recorded an original song for “Akeelah and the Bee” – so her only claim to fame isn’t just about being the sister of a celebrity.

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