Who is Kat Graham’s fiancé Darren Genet?

The Vampire Diaries may have been touted as a teen drama, but it seemed to have served as a matchmaking service for its stars. Many of her main actors went into relationships at some point, with Nina Dobrev known to have been dating Ian Somerhalder before their split in 2013. Luckily, a few other couples on set had better luck.

Kat Graham, who played the role of Bonnie Bennet for all eight seasons of the show, was a force in front of the camera and impressed the man behind it. The actor has been dating the show’s producer Darren Genet since 2017. However, a source for People claims the couple didn’t meet until after the series wrapped. Perhaps their joint appearance on the vampire show hinted at their eternal love.

Over the course of their five-year relationship, the couple has done everything together, from red carpet appearances to vacations. Most excitingly, they will now go through life together; People announced in May that the couple is engaged.

Darren Genet is an accomplished filmmaker

When he’s not jetting around the world with Kat Graham, Darren Genet is a highly accomplished producer and filmmaker. According to his website, he has spent time mentoring directors such as Samuel Bayer and Michael Bay. His most famous career highlights are probably his work on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, although he has also produced notable commercials for organizations such as Black Lives Matter and PETA.

In an interview with Filmmaker Magazine, Genet gave an insight into his film making process and also talked about a project he did with Kat Graham. “Kat and I talked about the idea of ​​inspiration,” Genet shared. “Where it comes from, how relationships can inspire and how that affects our work.”

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The project, a series of shorts titled “Muse,” was featured in Vanity Fair (according to Genet’s website). He shared, “Kat is a versatile, hyper-talented creative person and I was thrilled to work with her.” The shoot took place in 2015 and may have been the couple’s first connection.

The couple got engaged while on vacation

People shared the exciting news that Kat Graham and Darren Genet got engaged in Spring 2022. According to her source, “Kat is madly in love and couldn’t be happier.” Indeed, Graham’s rep readily confirmed the rumor.

The big request apparently came while the duo were vacationing in Mexico for Genet’s birthday. Genet shared photos from the trip on Instagram, and while no suggestion is mentioned, it’s clear it was a memorable time. “Happy and incredibly grateful for this birthday weekend spent with such amazing people,” he wrote. He also added that it was “life changing,” which maybe should have given us a clue.

When People broke the news a few weeks later, comments on Genet’s post were filled with well-wishers. “Congratulations again on your engagement to Kat, such a beautiful, wonderful young woman,” one person wrote. Graham himself was also found in the comments: “Love you baby!!!!!!!!!”