Who is Amy Duggar’s husband, Dillon King?

Her last name may be Duggar, but Amy Duggar certainly doesn’t act like her famous cousins ​​from TLC’s previous reality television series, 19 Kids & Counting. That’s because she doesn’t talk like her, dress like her, and even marry like her, since she wore pants and kissed her boyfriends before marriage, which are two major rule-breakers for the Duggars. In fact, Duggar distanced herself from her family because she didn’t think it was healthy for her to be around them. In an October 2021 interview with HollywoodLife, Duggar explained that she needs to create “boundaries” to protect herself and her family. “These people don’t really love you and don’t accept you for you, and it’s okay to eliminate them from your life if they’re just dragging you down and making you feel like you’re a terrible person for no reason,” she said .

And while Duggar has opened up about her feelings for Michelle, Jim Bob, and their clan, many people can’t help but wonder who her own husband, Dillon King, really is.

Dillon King has Amy Duggar’s heart, a clothing line and a cigar lounge

Amy Duggar may not have garnered as much attention as her cousins ​​over the years (and maybe that’s a good thing, especially considering some of their headlines), but she had her moment to appear in her TLC special, ” A Duggar Leaves “Home” in 2014. However, she did something very non-Duggar-esque by marrying her husband, Dillon King, in 2015 after being engaged for just two months. In fact, she was so excited to be getting married that she told People she couldn’t wait to change her last name. “It’s going to be a great day when Dillon signs that marriage license and my last name changes,” she said

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On paper, it sounds like Duggar’s most important man is the kind of guy who always has business matters on his mind. King owns a restaurant and cigar lounge in Springdale, Arkansas called Wellingtons, according to The US Sun, has his own clothing line called 3130, and he’s an Arkansas football fan through and through, according to his Instagram. Aside from that, Duggar and King have also weathered some storms in their marriage.

Amy Duggar and Dillon King’s marriage remains intact

Back in 2015, Amy Duggar made no secret of the fact that her marriage to Dillon King has certainly had its fair share of good times and bad. She even posted a message on Instagram for her fifth wedding anniversary, which read, “We work through issues all the time, we talk, we try our best to communicate, and then we forgive and make up!”

However, they turned to reality TV in hopes it might help solve their marital woes in 2017 when they joined “Marriage Boot Camp.” When asked about her decision to join the show that same year, King told Fox News, “It’s not like it was a planned thing where we just said it to get ratings. There were things from the past that needed to be worked on. “

And while trying to figure out your issues in front of the cameras isn’t an easy thing, Duggar and King have managed to get their marriage back on track. The couple told People in 2018 that when it comes to getting intimate, they want to “keep it fresh, keep it wild” and light the “firelight, the candle, one of those big massage bed things.” All that stuff. That, and it seems like Duggar and King also enjoy dating on a regular basis. We’d say Duggar really found reality TV kings when she met her king.

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