Who inherited Pawn Stars’ Richard ‘Old Man’ Harrison’s money after his death?

Richard Benjamin Harrison, affectionately known as the “Old Man,” was the staunch patriarch of the gold and silver pawn shop. Fans came to know him as the dry reviewer who could always be relied on alongside his son, Rick Harrison, and grandson, Corey Harrison, for his thorough knowledge of history’s “pawn stars.” The show quickly became one of the network’s most popular as fans tuned in to witness three generations of Harrison men discuss in friendly camaraderie the value of everything from classic cars to a (stolen) submarine, to quarrel.

The show suffered a tragic setback in 2018, however, when Rick made the devastating announcement that the well-loved “old man” had died at the age of 77 after “a long battle with Parkinson’s.” Thanks to the success of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and the hit reality show that documented him, Richard died a wealthy man. His will dictated how he intended to divide his fortune among family and friends after his death, and while Pawn Stars might feel empty without him, so does a family member’s pocket after he was annihilated in Richard’s final will .

Richard Harrison made his fortune off Pawn Stars

As grumpy as Richard Harrison appeared on television, he must have been happy with the wealth it brought him. “Pawn Stars” became an unlikely ratings juggernaut for the History Channel, grossing $3 million per episode. For his part in the success of the series, Richard took home $15,000 per episode. According to The Sun, the veteran appraiser had amassed a fortune worth around $5 million at the time of his death.

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When he died, Richard and his wife, JoAnne Rhue Harrison, had been married for 58 years. Surprisingly, Richard was the only cast member who watched the show regularly, and it turns out his wife was grateful for that. “I have to,” he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal in 2012. “My wife is forcing me. My wife is determined she will watch this program.”

While fans of the show will no doubt be familiar with Rick Harrison, Richard actually left behind two other adult children, whom he shared with his wife Joseph and Christopher Harrison. Before Richard died, according to The Blast, he made sure each of them was included as a beneficiary in his will.

Richard Harrison updated his will to exclude his son

Richard Harrison may have named his wife and each of his three children in his will, but The Blast reports that the prickly farmer signed an updated document in 2017 that put his son, Rick Harrison, in charge of his estate and specifically excluded another of his sons from a share of his wealth. In the document, Richard expressed his “love and affection” for Christopher Harrison, but then he dropped a bombshell: his youngest son was not to be left anything.

Christopher is hardly the first family member to be snubbed in a famous parent’s will, but to be specifically named and left out by Richard seems a bit cruel. It is unclear why Richard decided to update his last will a year before his death, or the reason behind his decision to disinherit his son. No details on the matter have been made public, making this mystery yet another in a long list of scandals that have plagued the show.

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