Who are Prince William’s best friends?

Since the emergence of modern popular culture in the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, the public and the media have taken an extensive interest in the private life of the British royal family. Unfortunately, they may find it difficult to keep their distance from the public eye, which surely must make their friendships special.

While Prince William spends much of his time touring around the world and attending spectacular anniversaries celebrating his grandmother’s extended reign, he has certainly still enjoyed a personal life surrounded by relatively ordinary people since his early childhood. In fact, his wife, Kate Middleton, made headlines around the time of their wedding in 2011 for being the first “commoner” to become a future royal consort (ie, wife of a monarch) in recent memory.

And now that his only sibling, Prince Harry, is leaving Britain and retiring from royal family duties, the pair have apparently begun to endure a relatively strained relationship that could last for some time (one that Williams’ own friends say that there was “little chance” of reconciliation). So who are the friends who have stuck by Prince William’s side through thick and thin? Well, while William may be close to both aristocrats and common people, there’s no doubt that he is theirs is quite close to everyone, many of whom have even become godparents to their children and vice versa.

Prince William’s best friend is William van Cutsem

Loud Hello! Magazine, Prince William has many friends. But his best friend is above all another William: William van Cutsem, youngest son of the late landowner Hugh van Cutsem. The two Williams were born within three years: Prince William was born in 1982, van Cutsam in 1979 and grew up together. The connection between the Windsors and the Cutsems runs deep: Hugh was a good friend of William’s father, Prince Charles, until his death in 2013. William van Cutsem is also one of many godparents of Prince William’s eldest child and future king, Prince George.

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Others who follow the royals may remember William van Cutsem as the prince’s boyfriend who made headlines in May for his home being ransacked, where he was searched by police in his pajamas. Van Cutsem was suspected of killing wildlife using illegal methods, although no charges were filed from the incident. However, his brother Hugh – also a close friend of William’s – was charged in March with speeding and reckless driving, to which he pleaded guilty, and threatened to lose his driver’s license.

Another close friend of William’s is an older figure in his life: Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, another of Prince George’s godfathers, was private secretary to William and Harry from 2005 to 2013, when he retired at the age of 53. His young son (also named William) was also a page at William and Kate’s wedding.

Prince William has a number of other royal and aristocratic friends

It should come as no surprise that most of Prince William’s closest friends hail from his college and preparatory days. Unsurprisingly, unlike his mistress Kate Middleton, many of these people come from wealthy, aristocratic, or otherwise prominent backgrounds. According to Hello! James Meade – son of Olympic rider Richard Meade – who attended high school with William, and Guy Pelly, a well-known London nightclub owner, described by The Mirror as a “London aristocrat”. Pelly is also godfather to William’s youngest child, Prince Louis.

William also faces Oliver Baker, a commoner who attended with him and Kate (who is also one of Prince George’s godparents) at the University of St Andrew’s, and Thomas van Straubenzee, a close friend of his with whom he attended primary school , near Ludgrove School. Many may remember van Straubenzee when The Telegraph reported that he was part of William’s secret bachelor party in 2011. He is said to have told the press at the time: “I am very sorry but I have to keep it a secret; I hope you understand.”

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Although William’s brother Harry was his best man at his 2011 wedding, van Straubenzee, along with Meade, were ushers in delivering the toast at the reception. In return, William served as usher at Van Straubenzee’s wedding in 2013. Van Straubenzee and Meade are also godparents to the Prince’s daughter, Princess Charlotte.