What we know about Barron and Donald Trump Jr.’s relationship

Former President Donald Trump has understandably been the subject of much public scrutiny over the past seven years, and as such, many are quite familiar with the relationships he has with his five children. However, supporters of the former president may be less familiar with the relationship his children have with one another, particularly that between Trump’s eldest child, Donald Trump Jr., and his youngest, the teenage Barron Trump, who has more or less stayed out of the limelight , since his father rose to the White House in 2016.

So what do we know about the relationship between the former president’s eldest son and youngest son? Well, followers of 45 might not be surprised to learn that the two share similarities; Above all, they grew up without their father as a huge presence in their lives. However, over the years it became clear that the two children led very different lives.

Donald Trump Jr. and Barron Trump were spotted hooking up in 2016

Despite sharing a father, Barron Trump and Donald Trump Jr. are arguably born worlds apart. Donald Jr. was born in 1977 to Ivana and Donald Trump, the first of three siblings, while Barron was born over 28 years later, in 2006, to her father’s third wife, Melania Trump. Both also have at least one thing in common: each of their mothers has testified that their respective children were primarily raised by them, with Donald himself taking a less than active role.

In 2016, Ivana testified that she raised her three children “alone”, while Melania said in a 2010 interview with Larry King that Barron “spent most of the time with me” (hence the Slovenian accent the then 4-year-old – old took from his mother).

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Of course, given his father’s notorious lack of involvement in his children’s lives, it’s safe to assume that Barron didn’t spend much time with his older half-siblings during his childhood. However, there have been a few instances where Barron and Don Jr. have been seen interacting. Their connection was first witnessed by the public in 2016 when the two half-brothers were spotted punching each other at the RNC in Cleveland. Unsurprisingly, Barron’s mother, Melania, sat between them. Of course, it’s safe to assume that the two brothers have at least one relationship, although it may not be as strong as other bonds between brothers.

Donald Trump Jr. once got into a feud with a famous actor over Barron Trump

Donald Trump Jr. and Barron Trump are arguably polar opposites when it comes to their place in their father’s campaign. From the start, Donald Trump’s eldest child trudged happily across the country with his two presidential candidates. Barron, on the other hand, has understandably chosen to stay out of the limelight. That hasn’t stopped his older half-brother, widely known for his loud mouth, from invoking Barron’s name for political gain.

Donald Jr.’s most vocal defense of his little brother was perhaps in 2018, when he got into a feud with actor Peter Fonda. Fonda controversially tweeted this June (via The New York Times) that Barron, then 12, “[ripped] from his mother’s arms and laid [in] a cage of pedophiles,” in response to the then-president’s controversial family separation policy. Though Fonda soon apologized and deleted the tweet, that didn’t stop Donald Jr. from continuing to lash out at the actor Twitter, called him a “sick person,” a “bully and a coward,” and suggested he “pick out someone a little bigger,” suggesting he might want to fight Fonda. Though Fonda never responded to the tweets, this wouldn’t be the last time Donald Jr. mentioned his brother’s name publicly.

Donald Trump Jr. has often politically invoked his little brother

In December 2019, perhaps in response to the controversial tweet by Peter Fonda – who had since passed away – Donald Trump Jr. appeared at a tipping point event in the US, where he said during a tirade against Hunter Biden: “If the 13th -year-old Barron Trump isn’t taboo, Hunter Biden sure because s*** isn’t taboo!”

In a July 9, 2020 radio appearance with right-wing radio talk show host Kurt Schlichter on The Hugh Hewitt Show, Donald Jr. reported hearing rumors from “liberal circles” in New York that “big donors” were from Joe Biden, then a candidate in the 2020 presidential election against his father, was trying to avoid the Democrat debating Donald Trump on national television. “Because honestly,” said the then-president’s eldest son, “they know Joe Biden couldn’t debate baron Trump, let alone Donald Trump.”

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A few days later, Donald Jr. reiterated that point retweet an article by the right-wing Daily Caller, which reported that only 54% of voters believed Joe Biden was “fit” to debate then-President Trump. Donald Jr. wrote in response, “To be honest, Joe Biden is in no position to debate Barron Trump, let alone Donald Trump.”