What Summer House’s Carl Radke really does for a living

Some reality TV shows are so entertaining and addictive that it’s easy to forget that the cast here aren’t just characters for our entertainment. Rather, they’re real people, many of whom have jobs that support them outside of the show, given the show. And while some of our favorite reality stars are using their newfound fame as a catalyst to launch other careers, many are keeping their previous jobs — at least until they make enough money. Take Carl Radke from Summer House, for example. Radke, who has been the lead man on the luxe Bravo reality show since 2017 (per IMDB), seems to be a jack of all trades — or at least several.

Radke’s exact Bravo salary is unknown. However, Life&Style estimates that the main cast of “Summer House” brings in between $140,000 and $280,000 per season. And while that’s a nice bit of a change, Radke’s extensive resume proves that even if the whole “showbiz” thing doesn’t work out, he’ll probably still be A-OK.

Carl Radke is Vice President of Sales at Loverboy Inc.

Having an active LinkedIn page as a reality star is an unorthodox move. For Carl Radke, who holds a major title at his main (off-show) occupation, it makes sense though. According to the Summer House star’s LinkedIn, Radke is the vice president of sales at Loverboy Inc. No, it’s not a dating service. Rather, it’s a “premium alcohol and lifestyle brand focused on setting new trends and standards in the better-for-you and ready-to-drink beverage categories,” according to the LinkedIn -Account of the company. What makes things even more exciting, however, is the fact that Loverboy Inc. is owned by Radke’s “Summer House” cast members Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula.

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If you’re wondering how Radke qualified for such a prestigious position, he’s not exactly new to the business. After graduating from Syracuse University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree, Radke worked in various medical sales jobs in addition to a variety of other odd jobs. In 2015 he finally switched to Harvard Business School. And according to Radke personally, his skills are “rooted in both my knowledge of the current product landscape and my ability to quickly build influence and credibility, which is achieved through what every great salesperson has: effective, personal communication.”

And while Radke is firing from Yotpo, a tech company that played during season 3 of “Summer House” (via Hustle), he’s obviously recovered pretty well.

Carl Radke is also active in the film industry

Aside from working in sales, Carl Radke also has Hollywood ambitions beyond being a reality TV star. Radke has worked in the entertainment industry in one capacity or another for several years. For example, Radke was once an assistant on the set of CBS’ “Criminal Minds.” According to his LinkedIn, he “was instrumental in directing the production of a 120-strong crew of a top 15 network TV show as the production assistant to the unit production manager.”

In the past, Radke also dabbled in the acting world. And while he’s never landed mainstream roles, he does have a few small gigs. According to his IMBD, Radke is “an actor and producer known for Grace Note (2016), Silo: Edge of the Real World (2017) and Bumbld (2018).” The reality star also excitedly tweeted that his short film, “Silo: Edge Of The Real World” would premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. According to IMDB, the film is a “meditation on life in a small Midwestern farm town.” It follows the life of a young farmer and high schooler as they weigh the pros and cons of saving a corn farmer from the grain trap.”

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