What really happened between Peter Madrigal and Stassi Schröder?

Stassi Schroeder may not be on Vanderpump Rules anymore, but she was once arguably the most important member of the cast. All of seasons 1 and 2 revolved around Schroeder’s messy on/off relationship with Jax Taylor. In Season 1, she found out that Taylor cheated on her in Vegas. In Season 2, she considered giving him another chance, until she found out he had hooked up with her best friend Kristen Doute and lied about it for months.

Eventually, Schroeder and Taylor moved on and started dating other people. However, that doesn’t mean the drama has stopped. As recently as this summer, Schroeder allegedly fell out with Taylor and his wife Brittany Cartwright for calling off their Italian wedding at the last minute. The sometimes platonic/sometimes romantic relationship between Taylor and Schroeder was a lynchpin of the series. For “VPR” fans who remember the tensions between Taylor and Schroeder all too well, it might come as a surprise to learn that Schroeder also dated another cast member (and SUR collaborator) long before she met Taylor came together.

Enter Peter Madrigal, not a full-time cast member but an integral part of the group. So what happened between Schröder and Madrigal, and where do they stand now?

Peter and Stassi had a toxic relationship

Peter Madrigal and Stassi Schroeder were an issue long before Schroeder started dating Jax Taylor. Madrigal opened up about her past on a since-deleted episode of the Buttered Pop podcast, per Reality Tea. He met Schroeder while working the lunch shift at SUR, and things quickly went from friendly to flirtatious. According to Madrigal, Schroeder had a jealous streak that stymied their romance. “She used to call me in the middle of the night to find out if I was having sex with someone else. I said, ‘I’m not. I just want to go to bed because tomorrow is an early day. ‘” Oops.

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The relationship ended when Schröder accused Madrigal of cheating on her with a boyfriend. “I was on the hunt to be an actor. I met this woman who was in a higher position. Then I thought, ‘We need to get some coffee’ because I want to have some contacts,” Madrigal explained. “[Schroeder] took that when I was dating this girl.” That was the last straw for Madrigal. “I was like, ‘You know what, I’m done. I’m done.'”

Madrigal and Schroeder’s relationship didn’t end well, but they were able to get over it and become friends. When the show started, Schroeder was dating Taylor, and Madrigal was dating her. However, the chemistry remained, according to The Daily Dish. Case in point: Madrigal and Schroeder were once caught sharing a few kisses while spinning the bottle.

Things are still tense

Stassi Schroeder and Peter Madrigal were friendly following their split, but things turned icy after Schroeder tied the knot. After Schroeder postponed her wedding due to COVID-19, she had a lavish Italian wedding in May 2022. Madrigal was reportedly unloaded via email. “Honestly, if you can’t pick up the phone for a two-minute chat and say, ‘Hey, do you really want to come?’ [If] You can’t do that and you BCC everybody, that’s a mess,” Madrigal told Us Weekly.

Madrigal wasn’t the only “VPR” member to get the axe. The rest of the cast (apart from Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz) were either not invited or not invited at the last minute. According to Schroeder, however, it wasn’t personal — it just came down to budget. During an episode of “Skinny Confidential Him & Her,” Schroeder explained that after her release from “VPR,” it became necessary to trim the guest list. Bravo originally intended to film the wedding as a soft launch for a new series starring the original cast of “VPR.” This idea was scrapped when Schroeder and other cast members were fired. With her terminated contract, Schroeder had to tighten her wallet. “Bravo didn’t pay for that shit,” she said. “[We had to] Cut 70% of the guest list.”

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Budget or not, Madrigal still found the whole thing offensive. “You uninvited me. OK, I know where I stand with you as a friend,” he told Us Weekly. “It was a bit annoying.”