What really happened between Kathryn Dennis and Whitney Sudler-Smith?

Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Whitney Sudler-Smith appear to have complicated relationships with all of the cast — including each other. is it love is it hate Is it something in between?

Although Sudler-Smith is no longer a member of the main cast of Southern Charm, he still appears on the show as a friend. Also, he is the original creator and producer of the show. Meanwhile, Dennis, who has appeared on the show every season since its inception, has caused much of the show’s main conflict and drama over the years. From her on-and-off relationship with Thomas Ravenel, her mental health crises, the birth of her two children, and her journey with sobriety, the model is one of those individuals who seems born to be a reality TV star.

Throughout the show’s eight seasons, Dennis and Sudler-Smith have often clashed. But their relationship runs deeper than it might seem on the surface.

Whitney and Kathryn have met at least twice

In 2016, Kathryn Dennis and Whitney Sudler-Smith spilled the beans on Southern Charm that brought the two together — a relatively shocking revelation considering how antagonistic they tended to be on screen together. On a visit to Watch What Happens Live, Dennis further revealed that the connection wasn’t just a one-night thing. “It was more than what was talked about. As in, it wasn’t like a one-night mistake, eh [Sudler-Smith] said,” she clarified. “But we were basically dating, dating, whatever you want to call it, for like a week and a half, two weeks. But I stayed with him.” Two weeks might not be exactly what you would call “long term,” but it was enough that Dennis actually had breakfast with Sudler-Smith’s mom, Patricia Altschul. Fans of the show know what that means.

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But while Sudler-Smith downplayed the relationship in 2016, he flatly denied they had met again several years later, as Dennis revealed on the show in Season 6. After a little prompting from castmate Cameran Eubanks (via People), Dennis confirmed that she and Sudler-Smith had a “little rendezvous.” Sudler-Smith denied the encounter ever happened throughout the rest of the season, not that anyone actually believed it.

Kathryn and Whitney are done with each other…for now

These days, it seems little love is lost between Whitney Sudler-Smith and Kathryn Dennis. Dennis took aim at both Sudler-Smith and his mother, Patricia Altschul, in a recent TikTok video, in which she mouthed the lyrics, “Hate those moms who say, ‘I didn’t raise him that way.’ ** who did that?! huh? Who taught him that? PATRICIA?” Yeah, that looks pretty pointed!

Meanwhile, Sudler-Smith has his eye on another Southern Charm actor – one he doesn’t deny: Naomie Olindo. On the show, now in Season 8, Olindo admitted to co-stars Austen Kroll and Leva Bonaparte that she and Sudler-Smith made out and that he spent the night at her house but nothing happened. Sudler-Smith later told Kroll that Olindo was a “great bare shoulder to cry on” Bravo.

As for Sudler-Smith and Dennis, we’d say there’s no hope for them in the future, but these two have surprised us many times in the past.