What really happened between Bridgit Mendler and Shane Harper?

Bridgit Mendler has grown up a lot since her Disney days. The charismatic Duncan sister from Good Luck Charlie is now a fully responsible adult, able to sustain a career in entertainment while pursuing her PhD at MIT Media Lab. On top of that, the “Undateable” graduate finds time for meaningful relationships. In October 2019, Mendler married Griffin Cleverly, her longtime partner, as she shared on Instagram. “Still driving at the peak of the weekend,” she captioned a photo of the bride and groom on the beach. “Thank you everyone for the abundance of love you have showered on Griff and me. We are so excited for this new chapter.”

While Mendler finds time for Ivy-League-level studies, music, acting, and marriage, Mendler seems less interested in integrating social media into her busy schedule. However, she does occasionally Pop up to celebrate those around you. In January 2021, Mendler celebrated Cleverly’s 30th birthday with a sweet tribute. “Love you so much you wild person I can’t wait to see you rock this decade,” she wrote on Instagram.

Mendler and Cleverly announced their engagement just six months prior and showed they were keen to seal the deal. “Looking forward to forever holding your hand,” she captioned the April 2019 post. The couple seem to be doing just fine. But before Mendler found her, she was dating fellow Disney star Shane Harper — a relationship that took a slightly different turn.

Bridgit Mendler had concerns about dating Shane Harper

Bridgit Mendler was initially unsure if dating Shane Harper was a good idea. Mendler and Harper met in 2009 during the casting process of “Good Luck Charlie,” per The Hollywood Reporter, but Mendler was unimpressed with her co-star at the time. To complicate things further, they played boyfriend and girlfriend throughout the series. “We were 16 when we met. He was actually 15. I’m a cougar… Maybe he was just being too boisterous or something and I was just lame and thought I was too good,” she told The Meredith. Vieira Show” in 2015.

But Mendler and Harper formed a friendship because they belonged to the same social circle. For two years, Harper tried to impress Mendler — and it worked. “He wore me down, man,” she told Vieira, adding that she was glad he didn’t give up. “I think chivalry should never die. I think I should fight for a girl and wait for a girl.” While she initially had reservations, Mendler was later glad she met the real Harper before dating him. “It’s great that we’ve known each other for so long, so we really were friends,” she told Yahoo.

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In February 2014, Mendler expressed his gratitude to his “Good Luck Charlie” staff for going out of their way to accommodate their off-screen relationship. “I think everyone was very respectful and wanted to make sure it wasn’t weird,” she told the site.

Bridgit Mendler and Shane Harper kept their split out of the spotlight

Bridgit Mendler and Shane Harper have kept the details of their breakup under wraps. In fact, the former Disney stars didn’t even announce their split. The public only became aware of it when she mentioned during an interview with The Humor Mill in November 2015 that she didn’t have a special person in her life. At the time, Mendler was starring in the NBC sitcom Undateable, which prompted the interviewer to question whether the show’s title applied to the protagonists’ personal lives. “I’m single so I guess I’m undated,” she replied.

Just last April, Harper gushed about her relationship with Harper on The Meredith Vieira Show, so the news surprised the couple’s fans. It’s unclear when the split took place, but Harper stopped appearing in Mendler’s Instagram posts shortly after the interview. In early May, Mendler uploaded a snap of him and put a red heart in the caption, marking what appeared to be the most recent post to include him. In late April, Mendler shared a group photo with Harper. Before that, she often declared her love for Harper on her feed.

While the two have largely remained silent about the split, Harper — who, like Mendler, is also a musician — admitted he wrote his 2016 song “Like I Did” with Mendler in mind. “It’s about the heartbreak of knowing that the person you once loved is no longer with you — they’re with someone else,” he told Seventeen.