What Julia d’Albert Pusey has been up to since Below Deck Med

With each season of Below Deck (and its many spinoffs), we see familiar faces returning. But there are also one-off yachties like Rocky Dakota and Julia d’Albert Pusey.

For her part, Pusey only appeared in the first season of Below Deck Mediterranean before she left yachting life for good. Despite this, she made an impact on the show as she was popular with both viewers and crew members. Pusey stopped working on ships to concentrate on her businesses, which had been her priority from the start.

Before boarding, the Below Deck graduate was already trying to make her mark in the fashion industry by launching her own labels. But she had to put her dream on hold to afford graduate school, according to Bravo’s Daily Dish. After working on and off yachts she decided to take part in a full season thanks to the opportunity to work on a larger vessel with new crew members. “I wanted to experience a bigger yacht and a bigger team and I had never cruised the Greek Islands before so it was an exciting opportunity and would bring me and Matty together [her boyfriend at the time] in a better position for my return,” she said.

As we all know, Pusey only lasted one season, but after leaving the show she has been working non-stop in another industry.

Julia d’Albert Pusey left Below Deck to concentrate on her business

It’s pretty clear that Julia d’Albert Pusey’s passion is fashion and business. Therefore, once she left yachting life, she wasted no time working on her various ventures.

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The former yachtie founded a company called Myrtle and Maude, which, according to the website, “makes natural pregnancy wellness products” to “support parents through those early days of pregnancy and beyond.” She also revealed on Instagram that she’s part of the management team at a talent and social media agency called Luxe & Co., which works with thousands of clients on tech and influencer coaching.

Although yachting life was clearly not for Pusey, she admitted she initially found it difficult to transition into the business. “You know what? It’s weird when you work in yachting. I have never fully committed myself to yachting, where I have had a long career. I’ve been very — I’ve been in and out,” she told Nicki Swift in September 2021. “But I find people are finding the transition pretty tough. And it’s pretty hard, it’s just such a different lifestyle to be on land [compared] to the sea. So I know people find that quite difficult.”

Julia d’Albert Pusey is committed to her family

Right after leaving Below Deck, Julia d’Albert Pusey also traded I Do’s with her longtime boyfriend Matty in England. “We had a lovely intimate day,” she shared on Instagram. They seem to have had quite the adventure too. “We are currently on our honeymoon in Vietnam, Singapore and Bali,” she noted. “We were at ‘Ha Long Bay’ on a junk boat cruising the bay, visiting the caves and kayaking. We were in Hanoi when Vietnam won the Suzuki Soccer Cup and the streets were buzzing with excitement.”

Now that she lives a completely different life, she admits that sometimes she can’t help but miss life at sea. “I’ve got a husband, I’ve got a dog now, so I’ve got both feet firmly on the ground. But business is good, [I] totally love doing that. It is very stressful, [a] different kind of stress than sailing. But I miss sailing,” she shared with Nicki Swift. “But it’s one of those games where it’s good to get into it when you’re younger, to exhaust yourself and back out. But yeah, I miss it a lot.”

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And good news for fans! Pusey isn’t ruling out a return to the show. “I can do that, but I’m in a very different place in my life and I’m probably getting on a little bit,” she told Express UK, admitting she may not tolerate Crew-related shenanigans anymore. “I don’t think I would keep up with the booze or the drama. I would never say never, but I’m pretty happy to be sitting on the couch and commenting on the new cast doing galley talk.”