What JT of my 600 lb life is doing now

When JT Clark appeared on “My 600-Lb Life,” he weighed 892 pounds, making him the second heaviest person ever cast, behind only the late Sean Milliken, who weighed 1,003 pounds, according to Starcasm. JT also had lymphedema on his leg that weighed more than 100 pounds and severely limited his mobility.

After eight months of working with Dr. Now JT lost almost 300 pounds and weighed 619 pounds. Although he was still too heavy to be approved for weight loss, Dr. Now him anyway, much to his own surprise. However, there is one condition: JT must continue on his weight loss course and lose at least 40 more pounds before the date of his surgery. And indeed, he did it!

At the end of the episode, JT weighed 491 pounds, losing nearly half his previous body weight. He had also been promised surgery to remove his 100-pound lymphedema “in the next few months”. With a goal weight of 220, losing lymphedema would bring JT much closer. But that was the last we heard from JT. Has he ever had his lymphedema removed? Has he reached his target weight? let’s find out

JT has remained quiet since his time on My 600-Lb Life

JT Clark doesn’t seem to have any public social media profiles, making it quite difficult to follow his weight loss journey. That hasn’t stopped internet sleuths from trying to dig up dirt on JT’s progress, however.

Reality Tidbit reports that a fan dug up an image from a Facebook profile believed to belong to JT, showing his face looking much slimmer than before. Another alleged picture of a slimmer JT also made its way to Facebook, but fans agreed in the comments that it wasn’t him in the photo, as the men in the photos had very different noses and eyes.

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Reality Tidbit also reports that JT moved to Houston full-time to study Dr. Now to be closer. There’s no official word on whether his lymphedema has been removed, but fans on the Lymphedema Guru page on Facebook (yes, it’s a real thing) used the comments to show their support. “Hopefully he reads what we’ve all written and sees a lot of people cheering for him,” wrote one user. “Hope JT will update here so we can see how he’s doing,” wrote another. “I really cheer for him!” What JT does now is a bit of a mystery to fans, but they still wish him the best.