What Jesse Lee Soffer Did Before Chicago PD

Actor Jesse Lee Soffer is perhaps best known for his long-running role as Detective Jay Halstead on NBC’s Chicago PD. As it turns out, however, Soffer’s resume stretches well beyond the procedural drama series. Per TV Over Mind, Soffer got his first big break at the ripe age of six when he starred in a Kix cereal commercial. After that, things just kept going and up for the budding star. According to IMDb, Soffer landed his first film role as Dennis Loomis in the 1993 comedy film Matinee. Not too shabby for an eight year old, right?!

Still, Soffer credits his later work on soap operas as what really prepared him for primetime television. “Soaps are like a cannon,” Soffer revealed during an interview on Yahoo Entertainment’s BUILD series. “It’s like boot camp. It was definitely an education for me,” he added.

However, perhaps there was another role that helped shape Soffer into the talented actor that fans have come to know and love…

Jesse Lee Soffer started out as… Bobby Brady.

Here is the story…of a man named Jesse Lee Soffer…who played the role of Bobby Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie and its sequel, A Very Brady Sequel.

Yes, that’s right. Before playing the ever-popular detective on Chicago PD, Soffer portrayed the youngest Brady brother. “I started acting when I was about six years old,” Soffer told Popcorn Talk host Rick Hong in 2018. “It was a whole life journey. The Brady Bunch movies — I think I was 11 years old — and now playing a cop, it’s like a whole other life ago… I don’t even remember it,” he confessed. “I remember Bobby was a security monitor or hall monitor at school and now he’s a cop. He actually graduated, you know?” Soffer joked.

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However, in another interview, Soffer insisted that he really liked his time as Bobby Brady. “I have fond memories of being in those movies,” he recalled to TV Insider in 2019. “We were [spoofing] the brady bundles in the movies and placed them in the [then] modern era of teenage troubles and all their anxiety. I loved the cast. We had such a great time,” he enthused.

Jesse Lee Soffer’s Brady Bunch days have closed

Reunited and it feels so good!

Chicago PD star Jesse Lee Soffer probably thought his Brady Bunch film days were way behind him… until he stumbled upon a blast from the Brady Bunch past. “Gary Cole [who played Mike Brady, Bobby’s dad] was on ‘Chicago Fire’ [as Carl Grissom]. I worked with him.” Soffer once told TV Insider about reuniting with his former castmate. “I said, ‘Gary, I’m Jesse Lee from the Brady Bunch movies,’ and he asked me who I was playing. I said, ‘Bobby.’ He [joked], ‘Jesse, if you look like that, I should be dead!’” Soffer recalled the chance encounter. “He was great! It was a great experience working with actors like him and Shelley Long [who played Cheryl Brady] when I was younger,” he recalls.

Perhaps it’s high time the powerful started working on another Brady Bunch movie. Fingers crossed!!!