What is the true meaning of question…? By Taylor Swift? Here’s what we think

It’s been two long months since Taylor Swift announced Midnights, her tenth studio album. “I figured if you would be so generous and give us this, I thought it might be a fun moment to tell you that my brand new album is out October 21,” Swift revealed while accepting the VMA for “Video of the Year,” per Entertainment Weekly. Since the announcement, Swift has kept her fans busy by posting teasers, Easter eggs, and promo videos across TikTok and Instagram.

Now that we’ve finally gotten a chance to hear “Midnights,” which the Grammy-winning singer vowed via Twitter would delve into the “13 sleepless nights” stories of her life, let’s try to figure out the true meaning behind Swift’s new songs. “Questions,” which Swift first announced via TikTok on Sept. 25, particularly piqued our interest — both for the lyrics and the possible connection to an earlier Swift song about one of her particularly famous exes.

The question could refer to Harry Styles

Taylor Swift’s new album could be responsible for the resurgence of “Haylor” fandom — as in fans sending out Swift and her ex-singer Harry Styles. And here’s why. Swift begins “Questions,” singing about a “good girl” and a “sad boy” who lived in a “big city” and made “wrong choices.” And while that could be literally anyone, Swift uses the chorus to geniusly ask the nameless dude a series of questions: “Has anyone ever kissed you in a crowded room / And every single one of your friends was kidding you / But 15 seconds later they were clapping too? What did you do then?” While it’s a long shot, the part about a kiss in a crowded room could refer to the time she and Styles kissed in Time’s Square on New Year’s Eve 2013, according to HuffPost.

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But the biggest clue that Swift is probably singing about Styles, as author Zainub Amir pointed out on Twitter, is that “Questions” and “Out of the Woods,” which is widely believed to be about Styles as well, are both Stars are almost the same cadence and melody. The lyrical portion of “Questions” also begins with “I remember,” which Swift also says in “Out of the Woods.” Although Swift has yet to confirm Harry Styles’ theory, her fans seem to agree with Amir and are eager to share their reactions on Twitter.