What is the real meaning of Taylor Swift’s ‘Sweet Nothing’? Here’s what we think

Wake up, Swifties: Midnight is here, and a new Taylor ballad begs to be your first dance. Our sleepless hearts can’t take it.

With tracks like “Vigilante S***” and “Anti-Hero,” a return to the singer’s darker “Reputation” era was easy to expect. It’s certainly true that “Midnights” presents some dark themes – with Swift outlining its premise as “the tales of 13 sleepless nights.” In an Instagram video, she even described one song as “a guided tour of all the things I hate about myself.”

Of course, the pop queen who gave us “ME!” guarantees some sweeter songs too. “Sweet Nothing”, as you’d expect, is exactly that. Just because it’s smooth and slow doesn’t mean it’s boring. After all, we’re talking about Taylor Swift here. Between the song’s mysterious co-writer and revelations about Swift’s career, this track is anything but nothing.

Joe Alwyn enacts Taylor Swift in Sweet Nothing

“Sweet Nothing” is packed with heartwarming lyrics… and it gets even sweeter when you see who helped write it. Prior to the album’s release, Swifties noticed a familiar name in the credits. “William Bowery is back and if they’re even half as good as before then Sweet Nothing will be a masterpiece,” one fan tweeted.

For those not in the know, William Bowery was a songwriting alias adopted by Swift’s longtime friend Joe Alwyn. As reported by Billboard, he took home a Grammy for his work as co-producer on “Folklore.” In Sweet Nothing, the writing and living partners are back and better than ever.

The song begins with references to the couple’s six-year relationship. Swift sings about a pebble they “picked up last July” and asks (via Genius), “Ever miss Wicklow?” According to the Daily Mail, Alwyn was in Wicklow, Ireland in July 2021 to film “Conversations with Friends.” She goes on to compare the chaos of her career – and her naysayers – to the comfort Alwyn brings her. “They said the end is coming / Everyone has plans,” she sings. “All you ever wanted from me was sweet nothing.” Swift is making it clear to listeners here that Alwyn is their anchor.

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