What is the age difference between Alec and Hilaria Baldwin?

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin’s marriage has come under public scrutiny for numerous reasons, including Hilaria’s unwavering support of Alec amid the controversy surrounding the fatal shooting on the set of his film Rust in 2021. In a poignant Instagram post, almost a Years away from the shooting, Hilaria shared a photo of her, believed to be holding Alec’s hand, with a caption that read, “I’m not going anywhere. Take all the time to be sad. I’m here.”

Despite various fan concerns and rumors that Hilaria is hiding part of her upbringing to appear like someone she is not, the Baldwins appear to be happily married. The couple share six children along with one on the way (as of this writing!). Alec also has an older daughter from his marriage to Kim Basinger, Ireland Baldwin.

Notably, the couple is also in an age gap relationship. While this isn’t an uncommon element of many romantic relationships, especially in Hollywood, it turns out the age gap between Alec and Hilaria is bigger than fans realise. However, some may realize that Alec is technically old enough to be Hilaria’s father himself.

The couple has an age difference of 26 years

Although it’s hard to believe, Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin have a 26-year age difference. In an article about her wedding, Hilaria told British magazine Hello! (via Us Weekly) that she didn’t expect to end up in a relationship with someone so much older than her. However, she expressed that “you can’t help who you fall in love with.”

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Alec was similarly commendable to his wife, describing how he knew Hilaria was right for him in his New York Times wedding ad. “I’ve dated a lot of people since my divorce and I’ve thought a lot about what I wanted and what I wanted to do. I’ve been thinking about it too much I suppose,” he told the outlet. “I wasn’t really ready to take that risk and act until I met Hilaria.”

At the time of their marriage, Hilaria was 28 years old while Alec was 54 years old.

Their marriage shows that love knows no age

Some might think that such a large age gap would make them less compatible, but Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin have expressed that their age gap marriage is working for them.

While appearing as a guest on an episode of Literally! With Rob Lowe,” Alec explained that his parenting style differs from Hilaria’s because of their age difference, saying, “My wife pushes through if you will, but we don’t always agree because I’m still a lot older.” am than my wife” (via Today). This might seem like a downside to raising kids together, but Alec also insisted he likes his marriage the way it is. “For that matter, I hit the jackpot because I ended up having a lot of kids with a woman who’s an amazing mom,” he added on the same podcast.

Hilaria, meanwhile, said on an episode of People’s Mom Talk that husband Alec is more “old school” than she is when it comes to raising their kids.” “You’re the mother, you take care of the kids, and then I’ll come and go and I’ll read a book with them every once in a while, like that,'” she described Alec’s parenting style.

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