What happened to Southern Charm’s JD Madison?

It surprised viewers to tune into “Southern Charm” and realize that JD Madison was no longer there. The Bravo hit chronicles the ups and downs of a group of wealthy celebrities living in Charleston, South Carolina. In recent years, drama has focused on breakups, drug issues, custody battles, and rude things that may or may not have been said behind someone’s back. You know, typical Bravo stuff.

JD was a unique presence in that he never joined the cast. He appeared on the show thanks to his close friendship with the group, particularly Thomas Ravenel. JD’s wife, Elizabeth Madison, also appeared on the show. In 2018, JD announced that he and Elizabeth were separating. “Over the last few years we’ve grown apart, whether it’s because of lifestyle differences, busy work schedules, high levels of stress or the demands of marriage,” he said in an email to the Daily Dish when asked for an update. “Sometimes there were so many problems that it seemed impossible for us to reconcile. It seemed like one of us would often hurt the other’s feelings, and eventually she felt withdrawn and I felt rejected.”

Since the breakup, JD has been appearing less and less on Southern Charm until he suddenly disappeared. So what exactly happened to JD Madison?

JD Madison faced legal problems

While JD Madison’s initial absence from “Southern Charm” may have been in response to his split from Elizabeth Madison, his disappearance could also have something to do with his numerous legal troubles.

Fans will recall that a year before JD split from Elizabeth, he was accused of sexual assault. In August 2017, Susan Johson alleged that JD drugged and sexually assaulted her after a long night of partying in Charleston, according to People. Johnson claimed the violence only stopped when JD received a call from his wife. While JD was never arrested on any charges, things got complicated when Johnson was accused of filing a false report by Charleston police after investigating her claims. Johnson reportedly hoped to squeeze some money out of the wealthy reality star with her damning allegations.

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Though the allegations and negative publicity (along with the pervasive cheating rumors) may have prompted JD and Elizabeth to split, the couple is reportedly still together — they never filed for divorce, according to The Cinemaholic. Neither is active on social media, it seems like JD and Elizabeth – despite JD’s legal woes – have found a solution.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault, help is available to help. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact the RAINN National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

JD Madison reportedly dealt with money fights

Though JD Madison never received a hefty Bravo salary since he wasn’t an official cast member of Southern Charm, the father-of-four still came across as extremely wealthy during his tenure on the show. In hindsight, though, it seems Madison has been struggling with money the whole time.

In 2018, Madison was arrested for writing a bad check, according to TMZ. He was reportedly arrested after a warrant was issued following the incident in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s no surprise the check bounced, given that a few months before his arrest, Madison was forced to shut down his famous Charleston hangout, Gentry Bar and Grill, which hosted many episodes of “Southern Charm,” per Reality Tea took place. The troubled star was reportedly evicted from the property and is being sued for over $160,000 in unpaid rent.

Madison’s money problems may have been the final nail in the coffin for his Bravo time, as he stopped appearing on the show after the arrest. The good news is that Madison may not be completely broke just yet. You can still buy his bourbon online and at liquor stores across South Carolina for around $50 a bottle.