What happened to Rocky Dakota below decks?

The hit reality series Below Deck revolves around the lives of attractive young people who spend weeks working closely together on board luxurious yachts. The crew members, or “yachties,” change from time to time, and many faces return almost every season. But with Raquel “Rocky” Dakota, who only appeared in Season 3, it’s different. Still, it hasn’t stopped her from making a splash on the show.

Avid Below Deck viewers know that Dakota’s tenure on the show was short. She served on Eros as the third stew for a single season, but became embroiled in drama that made her stint unforgettable. For starters, she had beef with Chef Stew Kate Chastain after accusing her of firing her friend. She was also involved in an affair with Boatswain Eddie Lucas.

It’s safe to say that Dakota made a significant contribution to the show’s plot, but after she left, hardly anyone heard a peek from the reality star. In fact, there were rumors that she left the yachting industry for good and pursued other things.

Rocky Dakota celebrated her way around the world

With Rocky Dakota’s colorful personality, it’s not at all surprising that she ended up traveling the world and partying as much as she could. After leaving Below Deck, she revealed that she’d been on a no-holds-barred vacation with her best friends.

“I went on a big holiday trip, with no rules and no regulations! I teamed up with my hot model friends in Paris and destroyed Europe!” she told Bravo. “One night we had a $50,000 budget that a friend of ours paid for, it was a wild night … We had 14 bottles of Dom Perignon.”

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But after having her fair share of fun and chaos, she turned to Zen full-time and lived in Europe to teach yoga. “I did a full 180 and lived in an ashram in the Netherlands for a month. I became vegan and just meditated every day. I am happy to say that I received my Yoga Teacher Training Certificate!” she continued. “Yoga was really my taste and has taken me in a really healthy and even more positive direction.”

The funny thing is that she brought the opposite of zen to the Below Deck reunion. After former rival Kate Chastain complimented her on her talent despite not being the best yachtie, Dakota took it to heart and questioned her. “And how come you say I’m not the best sailor?” She asked. “You just said I’m really talented, but then you just said I’m not a good sailor.” Oh!

Rocky Dakota still takes on stew jobs from time to time

Contrary to what most people assumed, Rocky Dakota did not leave the yachting industry. She even said she envisions living and working by the water for the rest of her life.

“After Europe, I moved back to Hawaii because I realized how much I missed living right next to our mother ocean,” she shared with Bravo. She even considered starting her own business, but decided against it because she wanted a little more fun. “While I was there, I explored the possibility of opening my own food truck. I had a vision of myself cooking in my bikini every day and just surfing,” she revealed. “I realized I wasn’t ready to settle down yet.”

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Instead of running her own business, she returned to what seemed to be her calling: working on yachts. “I changed gears and started freelance yacht work again,” she revealed. “I also started working for this photographer and travel with him as a model/camera assistant to help produce yacht brochures for private charter sales. It is great!”

However, she does not come into contact with her “Below Deck” colleagues. “Connie NEVER calls me and I DO NOT hang out with Capt. Lee!!” she wrote in a tweet. “…Kate, Connie and Lee hate me!”