What happened to Latrice Royale after RuPaul’s Drag Race?

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” has introduced us to some of the most talented and entertaining drag queens in the business. And while we have our fair share of favorites, there’s no denying that Latrice Royale is one of the few loved by fans everywhere.

She first appeared in season 4 of the show, as well as seasons 1 and 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, making her one of the few queens to have competed in “Drag Race” three times. Crowned Miss Congeniality in her original season, she rarely engaged in drama, so it’s not surprising how she managed to be an easy fan favorite. After her departure from All-Stars Season 4, she even said she would do it again if given the chance — but only as a guest. “Oh, absolutely not. There’s no more blood in the beet. We can’t squeeze this anymore. no more juice She rolled that dog as far as she can go, honey. That’s it, that’s a wrap,” she confessed in an interview with Billboard. “I come back and play every now and then. I want to play and be a special guest.”

Now that another round of Drag Race is nowhere in sight, you may be wondering what our Queen is up to. And apparently she has more projects than meets the eye.

Latrice Royale has kept busy since she left Drag Race

Latrice Royale wasted no time preoccupying herself when she left RuPaul’s Drag Race. She appeared on RuPaul’s Netflix show AJ and the Queen and performed at PEG’s first-ever Digital Drag Fest during the height of the pandemic. She also has an active podcast with Queen Manila Luzon called The Chop.

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In 2012, she notably bought out Miss Pride South Florida, a local pageant she won in 2004. It was inactive for a while, but Royale made efforts to revive it and make it one of South Florida’s most prominent drag events. per the Miami New Times. “I just took it on because nobody wanted to deal with it anymore,” she told the Orlando Sentinel. “The Pride Committee wasn’t interested. They broke up or did other things, so I bought it from them.”

Aside from running beauty pageants, Royale also runs her own management company, which she started because she didn’t want anyone else to handle her career on her behalf. “I didn’t trust anyone. I’ve heard horror stories. So I put together a team of people I trusted at the time. And then of course we evolved even further, because you can’t trust people to figure it out for themselves,” she told Billboard. “That really motivated me.”

Latrice Royale only used Drag Race as a springboard to bigger things

Drag isn’t the be-all and end-all of Latrice Royale’s career. Though being a drag queen is a big part of her identity, she said she has bigger aspirations outside of that. She also said that RuPaul’s Drag Race is just a stepping stone to bigger, better possibilities.

“Drag Race has been a goal for a lot of people’s careers, and it was a goal for me too, but it was a goal as a stepping stone, for a platform so I could really get elevated and do what I really want to do,” she told the HuffPost, “I still strive for excellence, and I have goals that I’m trying to achieve, and we’re on a good path.” what happened to her was becoming an “entity.” She said, “I’m a full-fledged company! I’m not where I want to be yet and I love that.”

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In addition to drag and boss, Royale also wants to kill in the entertainment world. “I’m really trying to continue my journey to more theater and more scripted television, the big screen,” she told Billboard. “I’ve got several things cooking that we’re just beginning to do, but I definitely have a few irons in the fire.”