What happened to India Ferrah after RuPaul’s Drag Race?

India Ferrah brought drama and glamor to RuPaul’s Drag Race. The diva made her first appearance in season 3 where she placed 10th in the competition. She then returned to the show in 2020 and placed 6th in the Season Five All-Stars Edition. In an interview with Preview for the Houston Chronicle, Ferrah opened up about her drag race comeback. When asked what she wanted viewers to take away from the second time around, Ferrah said: “India is a real drag queen who wasn’t just picked up (by Mimi Imfurst), you know what I’m saying?

Ferrah referenced the infamous on-air moment when castmate Imfurst threw her over her shoulder during a lip-sync duet. This came as a total shock to Ferrah. According to Entertainment Weekly, this incident caused great psychological distress to Ferrah. The reality TV star told EW, “It’s always been about Mimi Imfurst, it’s never been about what I bring to the show.” So Ferrah was clearly motivated for a strong comeback in Season 5. She told the preview, ” That’s all I was known for from Season 3, an iconic moment, but I wanted to show my maturity, my growth. I wanted to be able to show that India was a performer, an entertainer, a real drag queen.”

Despite being eliminated for her Jeffree Star impression, Ferrah has made a name for herself as an entertainer. Let’s take a look at what the Queen has been up to since her last Drag Race performance.

India Ferrah has performed in drag shows across the United States

Since competing in RuPaul’s Drag Race, India Ferrah has been busy flaunting sparkly looks on Instagram, promoting her online shop Ferrah-James Designs and appearing in drag shows across the country. Ferrah-James Designs, a collaboration with her partner Savannah James, sells on-trend performance outfits in a variety of styles.

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For Ferrah, it’s all about glamour. In May, Ferrah shared a series of photos wearing tight black gloves and a striped pink bodysuit with an eye in the middle. Her outfit, like many others she wears, was designed by Ferrah-James Designs. In the caption, she expressed her anticipation for the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Ferrah wrote, “Can’t wait to dance the night away under the #neonsky.”

This queen certainly hasn’t shied away from the limelight. In 2020, according to Screen Rant, Ferrah appeared in RuPaul’s Drag Race Live, a Las Vegas residency at the Flamingo Resort. She has performed at many DragCon events over the years and has drag shows in bars and venues in places like Florida, Arizona and Ohio, according to her Instagram profile (where she shares upcoming performances). According to Eventbrite, Ferrah will also be headlining an event called the “Playpen Anniversary Drag Show” at a bar in Phoenix, Arizona, in July.

India Ferrah was the focus of online drag race drama

India Ferrah left another stage in June when the performer deleted her Twitter account after being the focus of the ‘Drag Race’ drama. According to The Tab, Ferrah tweeted, “So very grateful that I work for myself and that I’m not a ‘slave’ to someone paying pennies while other performers make 10x the salary you make.” She drove continued to insult actor Derrick Barry, saying, “Go enjoy the rest of the shows you have this year, you’re going to need every single one of them.”

Barry called Ferrah and wrote, “She thinks I can’t keep her name out of my mouth, but she can’t keep the plaque out of hers.” Other “Drag Race” contestants, like Shea Couleé, didn’t stay calm. She wrote: “The decision to say on June 16 that you are not a ‘slave’ is really camp. You’ve outdone yourself, sis.” Ferrah refuted Coulée’s comment by saying, “Not all of us are perfect,” and engaged in a contentious dialogue just before her account was deleted.

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To top it off, Ferrah’s partner Savannah James got involved on Instagram Story. According to a Reddit thread, James posted a lengthy tirade aimed at Barry, Couleé, and “Drag Race” alum Alexis Mateo. James wrote, “SHEA just can’t ever win, so she has to play the racing card to distract them from the truth… Show this new generation how to bully.” One thing’s for sure: Ferrah didn’t shy away from the drama.