What Happened to Elvis Presley’s Fiancé Ginger Alden?

Elvis Presley is widely known and loved as one of America’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll stars of the 20th century. And like many young male musicians after him, Presley was widely considered a heartthrob and sex symbol, and as a result, fans saw no limit in exploring his widespread personal and love life.

Although Presley was married only once—to Priscilla Presley, née Beaulieu—from 1967 to 1973, he had a number of girlfriends throughout his life and was almost never single for any length of time. However, there was only one he would spend his final days with: Ginger Alden. Presley and Alden first met in November 1976, shortly after his relationship with Linda Thompson ended, and soon became engaged and planned to be married on Christmas Day 1977. However, their plans were cut short with his unexpected death from heart failure less than a year later. Although most Presley fans may be aware of the rapid decline in his health in his final days, many may not know what happened to the woman who last saw him alive.

So what happened to Presley’s former fiancé after the king’s death? Well, while her partner’s legacy may live on forever, Alden has more or less tried to retreat into a private life, away from the spotlight.

Ginger Alden experienced a conflict with Elvis’ family after his death

Although Elvis Presley and Ginger Alden may have been in love, those positive feelings were obviously not shared by his family members. “Ginger Alden is now dead as far as the family is concerned,” Presley’s uncle Vester told Express after his death. “We don’t even recognize them as human.”

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When it came to Graceland, Presley’s famous estate where he died and was buried, Vester, who guarded the mansion, claimed that after Presley’s death, Alden was “barred” from entering the home, according to the Express. “She couldn’t come here on her own to save her life… she can go to the grave by calling and asking. Every time she comes to that gate, I have to call [Presley’s father] Vernon and OK.” Vester added that the reason for the family’s anger is that they feel they “have taken advantage of Elvis’ name”. Also, the Presleys felt empowered by the fact that Alden was left out of his will.

For his part, Presley’s father Vernon seemed similarly disinterested in Alden, claiming a year after his son’s death that the famous rock star had “changed his mind” about marriage, despite Alden’s impassioned claims that they made wedding plans to the end. Vernon died the following year, 1979.

Ginger Alden revealed personal – and disturbing – details of Elvis’ final days

Though Elvis Presley’s last partner, Ginger Alden, has chosen to stay more or less out of the limelight since the death of her fiancé in 1977, she’s made headlines in recent years with the release of her autobiography, Elvis and Ginger, in 2014.

In the memoir, Alden revealed some rather disturbing details about Presley’s reckless behavior during their final days together. “Ginger reveals Elvis hit her once and apologized,” reported the Daily Mail. “He shot a TV and a phone with firearms, threw a bowl of ice cream which he devoured when she decided to talk about calories and fat.” Although he appears to have “always apologized for this behavior,” it’s clear that the decline in his health appeared to affect both his physical and mental well-being, and it was Alden who witnessed this.

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But it wasn’t until 2019 that Alden set the record straight, making it clear that her final months with Presley were mostly positive. In January 2022, she dismissed reports that Presley was unhappy or that the two had “argued a lot” as “untruths,” per Express. “And that’s why I wanted to set the record straight,” she said. “I said, ‘That wasn’t what I saw, that wasn’t what I loved, that’s not how he’s been for the last nine months … I just think the portrayal – the picture of him – was really unfair. “