What Dane Cook blames for his weight gain

Dane Cook is known for his comedic ability and serious acting ability, having starred in films like ‘Employee of the Month,’ ‘Dan In Real Life,’ and ‘My Best Friend’s Girl,’ according to IMDb. But he’s also built a reputation as one of Hollywood’s leading hunks, with his drooling abs being the focus of the 2007 film Good Luck Chuck. In 2017, Cook revealed the secret to his enviable physique when he showed off his bulging biceps to fans on Instagram. “Eat what you want, just don’t overdo it,” he captioned the post, but as Cook pointed out, “Success happens.”

While the actor has maintained his muscles over the years, some fans couldn’t help but notice that the ‘Mystery Men’ star had gained some weight. In 2018, Cook appeared to have a “father body” as he and much younger girlfriend Kelsi Taylor enjoyed a romantic getaway to Hawaii. While the real reason celebs gain weight is often a mystery, here’s what Cook blames for his unexpected transformation.

Dane Cook gained weight for a role

Dane Cook says he gained significant weight to play a father with cancer in 2019 thriller American Exit. The actor revealed to the Cincinnati Inquirer the reason for his shocking body transformation and how much weight he’s put on for the role. “I gained 30 pounds for the role because I had to play a father,” he explained, adding that he didn’t really have a father body before the role: “I stay in pretty decent shape. I was about 200 pounds at the time.”

After filming “American Exit” wrapped, the actor had trouble losing weight. “It’s literally two years later and I realized, oh wow, as you get older you can’t burn off those 30 pounds that easily,” he told the outlet. According to Men’s Health, Cook decided to stick with his pot belly for a subsequent role, but the film was ultimately scrapped due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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However, Cook is no stranger to changing things in the name of art. The actor has morphed throughout his career to portray a myriad of characters, from a scrawny chef in 2005’s Waiting… to a wannabe serial killer character in the movie Mr Warrior Guy. “I’ve had a fair amount of time over the years revamping it to fit a theme I’m cultivating.”

Dane Cook has since regained his toned physique

Though Dane Cook initially struggled to shed the extra weight, the actor has managed to slowly but surely return to his chiseled old self. Cook credits cuffed swimming with helping him reduce weight, a form of endurance training in which you swim while your body is attached to a stationary object. As Cook explained on Instagram, he got into the sport in early 2021 and has stayed with it ever since. “It was the best workout I’ve ever done,” he wrote, noting that his workout burns 1,000 calories a day. The actor claims the sport also has mental benefits. “The swim itself is both meditative and a bloody cardio burn … it transformed my thinking, my physical ability and my body,” he wrote, adding, “pant sizes went down and it felt amazing across the board.” .”

In addition to swimming, Cook also plays racquetball and goes to the gym to lift weights. He’s also joining his fiancee, fitness instructor Kelsi Taylor, for some (literally) steamy workouts. And to prove how much his body has changed, Cook took to Instagram in October 2021 to share a topless shot after a workout. “Make that damn plan and work on it.”

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