What 90 Day Fiance Star Jorge Nava’s Life Was Like In Prison

Unless you happen to be Jorge Nava, most people who have served time in prison will have eerily similar experiences to tell. Because he appeared in Season 4 of TLC’s wildly popular reality series “90 Day Fiance,” Jorge first gained notoriety. Throughout his time on the program, Jorge dated Anfisa Arkhipchenko, a Russian lady he met on Facebook. After being hitched, they made an effort to make things work, but when Jorge was arrested on drug charges, their union crumbled.

According to ET, Jorge was charged with marijuana possession in 2018 and received a 2.5-year jail term. When the punishment is given out, it might understandably feel like an incredibly long period, and Jorge felt the same way. He stated, “It reminds me of one of those startling events.” “What am I going to do for the next two years here?”

Fortunately for Jorge, his notoriety served him well when he was incarcerated, since he was quickly recognized and his reputation spread across his unit. “Prison resembles high school in certain ways.” So, for example, if one prison guard recognized me, they would go tell another, and the information would spread like wildfire until everyone was aware, “he told ET.

Jorge Nava’s mindset changed while in prison.

You could be Jorge Nava if the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “jail” is popcorn. According to Screen Rant, the reality star was discovered with 293 pounds of marijuana that he meant to sell. He lost his freedom and his wife as a result of his prison sentence, but given what the reality TV star revealed to ET, it doesn’t sound like he had a particularly bad experience. “Everyone present was working while I was in that particular area.” He remembered. “It was a functional area of the jail, and we had a few luxuries above the norm, such as a big screen TV, a couch, the freedom to move about, and not being locked up.”

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Jorge realized that trying to control everything was futile while he was spending his days and nights confined. “Sincerely, while I was going through it in the beginning, I felt helpless and forlorn.” And I believed there was nothing I could do to change my surroundings, “he added. “It wasn’t until after all of this that I was able to recognize that I shouldn’t attempt to control what’s occurring on the outside, but rather try to change what was inside, and that tiny shift ignited everything that has happened today,” the author said.

Jorge posted on Instagram that he had shed 128 pounds while incarcerated. He claimed that he “started reading motivational books by @tonyrobbins and it altered [his] view on life forever” after becoming “depressed and unmotivated.”

Jorge Nava is a new dad with another kid on the way.

Jorge Nava, well-known for his presence on “90 Day Fiance” in Season 4, served 2.5 years in jail for narcotics possession. He went through a divorce and lost a significant amount of weight while serving his sentence. He also got a girlfriend, and according to People, he had his first kid in April. In a sequence of verses from the Bible that he shared alongside a photo of the expectant mother and the adorable infant on Instagram, Jorge praised the new lady in his life and the blessings she has brought him in a sequence of verses from the Bible that he shared besides a photo of the expectant mother and the adorable infant on Instagram.

In October, People also revealed that Jorge’s adorable baby girl Zara and new girlfriend Rhoda were expecting a child. Little Zara was born six months prior to the announcement, and the reality star seemed to be over the moon. He shared a photo of himself and Rhoda on Instagram, expressing surprise at how quickly his “dreams have become true.”

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Despite having a criminal history, Jorge Nava appears to have turned a new page and is taking the decisions he made seriously.