Wendy Williams’ well-being could be worse than expected

There has been a lot of speculation about Wendy Williams, her health, her next steps in her career and of course her future. Back in June, Williams revealed how she planned to step away from her television show by suggesting she wants to be a podcast queen, according to TMZ. However, Williams worried her fans with her unusual podcast promo, with a clip she posted to a now-deleted Instagram. She simply said, “Co-hosts, I’m famous and I’ll be back. Trust me.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the gregarious talk show host also struggled to regain control of her finances from Wells Fargo, though her attorney, LaShawn Thomas, told The Wrap she was still “in her right mind.” Well, whether that’s true or not nobody knows – but now fans are even more worried than before as their well-being could be worse than expected.

Fans think Wendy Williams looks worse

According to the Daily Mail, Wendy Williams was spotted walking barefoot and in a Versace bathrobe through the lobby of her apartment building. A source close to the situation even told the website, “Wendy’s life and situation is a lot worse than people realize. She was plagued by serious health issues.” However, Williams manager William Selby added that the television personality was simply having a “bad day.”

However, another video (seen above) of Williams walking down a street in New York City also sparked some concern as it appeared she was a little disoriented as she spoke to the paparazzi. The US Sun received photos that day in which Williams looks gaunt and much thinner than fans have seen before. Selby allayed concerns, telling the Daily Mail: “We’re used to seeing Wendy prepared and on camera, but what you see now is Wendy raw. She’s going to have bad days.”

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If this really is a “raw” version of Williams, it seems fans are still very concerned for her well-being. A few weighed in on the matter Twitter with comments like “Wendy Williams is going through a lot and people don’t seem to get it. She fights. She fights. She works her way back to being Wendy. heartbreaking, very disappointing that people are taking advantage of her now.”