Wendy Williams’ ex-husband raises serious allegations against the producers of her former talk show

“The Wendy Williams Show” concluded its 13-year season on June 14 with a memorial service for a series finale. Conspicuously absent from the final episode, however, was Wendy Williams herself. The talk of the day icon was absent from the show’s entire 13th season due to “serious complications arising as a direct result of Graves’ disease and her thyroid condition,” according to an official 2021 statement. Fans expected however, that she would at least make a memorable appearance in the series finale. William’s ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, was one of those big disappointments about William’s expulsion. Speaking to ET in June, the TV producer said, “There’s absolutely no reason why a major celebration with Wendy couldn’t happen,” noting that this was “the first time in talk show history that this has happened.” especially for a show that has been going on for more than 10 years.”

Instead of Williams, guest host Sherri Shepherd (who inherits the fall time slot with her show “Sherri”) called it an “honor and privilege” to be a part of the final season of the long-running series Deadline. In addition to a video montage commemorating Williams and her show’s impact on pop culture over the years, her social accounts honored her with a post of her iconic purple chair, which was left empty.

But just like when the show aired, the drama continues to lurk over daytime television.

Wendy Williams’ inner circle allegedly made her addiction possible

Wendy Williams’ ex-husband has made serious allegations against her former show producers about her alcoholism. Speaking to Page Six in late July, Kevin Hunter accused television company Debmar-Mercury of failing to support the talk show host’s recovery efforts from alcohol abuse. According to Hunter, it was all about keeping The Wendy Williams Show going. “Debmar would not support Wendy’s recovery efforts with the family,” Hunter claimed. “They would not sign anything that would have helped their recovery efforts.”

According to Hunter, Debmar-Mercury was even present at an intervention — and reportedly unhelpful — in collaboration with William’s family. “They sat at a meeting with all of their family, including their mother, who has since died, and didn’t want to sign off on the recovery efforts that would have helped Wendy get well and live and be sober,” Hunter claimed, adding that the Debmar – The Mercury representatives present simply gave Williams an ultimatum. “They basically said, ‘If you don’t stop drinking, you’re going to lose the show,'” Hunter claimed.

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The talk show queen revealed to her audience in 2019 that she checked into a sober house following her filing for divorce from Hunter over alcohol addiction, per The Sun. According to a Sun source, her show staff knew about Williams’ troubles, but “no one is ever going to say anything because they don’t want to lose their job.”