Victoria Beckham opens up about the sad fear she has for her daughter

Victoria Beckham developed a bond with her daughter Harper Beckham at a young age. In 2015, when Harper was just 3 years old, the fashion designer revealed how often the mother-daughter duo spent time together. “I’m very girly and I love nails. Harper and I often have nail afternoons when we’re in LA,” Victoria told Vogue (via E! News). The following year, the fashionista gushed over her daughter on Instagram when she uploaded a snap of the boy adjusting a dress on a mannequin. “Draping like Mummy,” Victoria wrote in 2016, including the hashtag “#proudmummy” to show how happy she was to see Harper following in her footsteps.

When Harper was a little older, the former Spice Girls member shared an adorable snap of her daughter with dad David Beckham on Instagram. She wore a lilac dress, which was significant: not only had the designer rocked the same dress herself, but the piece was custom-made via ET for Harper for Victoria’s 2021 line.

Not only did Harper make her mother proud with her fashion sensibility, but the youngster also earned her father’s adoration on the soccer field. “She’s the only one left and she plays every Sunday and she loves it. The boys aren’t playing anymore and it’s heartbreaking,” the former soccer star said on The Graham Norton Show in 2018. Though Victoria previously voiced her playful disapproval of her daughter’s soccer ambitions, that wasn’t what worried the former Spice Girl most about Harper’s future.

Victoria Beckham is worried about online trolls

Even if Victoria Beckham occasionally posts photos of Harper Beckham on Instagram, the youngster does not have his own account. Partly because the Spice Girls alum wants her daughter to avoid online trolls. “Harper isn’t on social media so we don’t have to worry about that just yet,” Victoria told Vogue Australia when asked about “body shaming” in an interview published July 3. The issue of her daughter being subjected to online bullying is an issue the fashion designer has often grappled with. “But when you see how cruel people can be, yes it really is [concern me]’ she told the publication. Victoria mentioned that it’s an upcoming vulnerable time for her daughter, as “her body will start to change.” The fashion writer was concerned that Harper might deal with online attacks. “But it’s pretty scary, I can’t lie about that,” Victoria said.

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One issue the singer needn’t worry about is her daughter emulating her vintage posh spice looks, as Harper strongly disapproved of her mother’s ’90s outfits. “And she was pretty disgusted with how short my skirts were,” Victoria told Vogue Australia.

A few years before opening up about her daughter’s possible harassment online, Victoria opened up about difficulties she faced growing up. She wanted to teach her daughter these hard lessons. “I was bullied a lot at school, mentally and physically, and the fact that I can talk to Harper about it … Really, I use my own experiences and share them,” she told Glamor UK in 2021.